Name: Zypher
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: A soccer ball with Pegasus wings on it
Talents: Pegasus Soccer
Weaknesses: Overconfidence + Booze
You see a solid looking pegasus thats silvery grey with a two tone Icey blue and dark blue almost zebra styled mane, all spiked up with some seriously thick mane glue to keep it all angular looking even while at maxium airspeed! He's often wearing a navy blue flight-jacket with the number 4 on it. The jacket is rarely fully zipped up and a shirt can often be seen under that sporting the logo of the Seaddle Cloudbusters pegasi soccer league. Zypher is often seen nosing about a flight-worthy soccer ball keeping it easily airborne for many a pass. Go Cloudbusters!
Player: Dustdevil/Solar-Wind

Zypher's beginnings

Zypher started this world one Zephyr Airly Cloudskimmer son to a small family of pegasi living on the outskirts of Seaddle. Both of his parents were rarely a part of his life as they were both busy with keeping the family afloat financially, which left the kids, Zyph, and NorthWind to fend for themselves. Northwind was a thick looking mare that was often teased due to her heaftyness and tomboyish nature, she ended up joining the wrong crowd and disappeared much of Zyph's life leaving him to fend for himself. Zypher got wrapped up in simple games like that of soccer or rugby, and he just became better and better putting his entire focus on such sports. There was no home life to speak of as his parents were absent, and sole sibling off leading her 'gang' life Zyph really didn't call the small apartment a home, he more often found himself on the street forraging, or occasionally stealing to get by. He was good enough to not get caught, and as it was his sole livilihood he was just good enough to get by this way.

Zypher didn't have much of a school career as school meant bullies, and no pony that would stand up for him. Zyph was a bit lanky, and relatively undeveloped, and a pegasus no less, in and amongst the ground based unicorns and earth ponies, not up with his brethren up in some flight camp, weather school or fancy pegasus academy but stuck down on the ground like 'land ponies' so he stuck out pretty bad. The bullies tended to be the unicorns whom were fancy enough to use their magic for ill gain, and their earth pony friends whom would just beat up Zypher at any chance they could. A pegasus just didn't have what it took to retaliate against the bigger and thicker earthies, and had no parlay against a unicorn. So, School and Zypher, just didn't work out.

While playing one of his favorite games, that of Soccer, someone with one of the local teams saw his potential and recruited him on the spot. It was a ground based soccer team mixed with unicorns, and earth ponies alike an a very few pegasi. Zephyr excelled at the sport, and soon became the very best that the team had. While he was the very best at this sport, his skill soon outshone everpony else on the team and things got real awkward real quick for him. He was just too good for this level of sport, he was a real die hard, and could practically take on a team all by himself! It was time for him to move on.

Its then that his big break came, a friend of a friend of a so on and so on of the coach, happened to be watching one of the matches that Zeph was playing in and was floored that he wasn't involved with the Pegasus Only sport of Pegasi Soccer. Instantly Zyph was snapped up by the requiter from the Seaddle Cloudbusters. He was introduced into a team practice match and suddenly everything just worked, he became the sport and he loved it, and it showed, whereas before he had no cutie mark, now he got one, it was a Soccer Ball with Pegasi Wings upon it!!

He was literally born for this sport, it was really just who he was! He practiced literally day and night, even in his sleep he would play with a soccer ball, enough so that the team had to invest in a sleeping bag for him so that he wouldn't keep others awake with his ball play! His skills with a soccerball were nothing short of amazing. He was a natural at this sport.

Off the field he wasn't much of a pony, as he was uneducated, undereducated, and not particularly bright. But he was at his very core a good pony, he cared about others and was very kind to everyone, eventually he was hired on full time, and given everything a team member would normally get. His paycheck was a sizable amount, enough so that he was able to send most of his check home to his parents, so that they would be 'squared away' in the future and enough put into savings for the inevitable 'rainy-day' Zypher had his name legally changed so that he could remember it better, than that wild spelling that his parents had issued him.

Zypher rented a small loft near the Cloudbusters Stadium and set himself well within the community. He always attended team days, charity events and social gatherings to support his team and the local needy. Zypher put every third pay check toward a local charity, orphanage, homeless shelter, whatever good cause. First paycheck to his parents, second split between rend n goods, and savings, and third paycheck to chairity, and he continued that cycle. As Zypher has spent several active seasons with the Cloudbusters, it means that there's been alot of money pumped into the local communities.

Becoming a local celebrity earned him some benefits at the local sports bars where his team often attended after the games. They weren't benefits unfortunately, as Zypher was not one whom could handle alcohol. Being a featherweight meant he truely was one! One of his mentors saw his downfall and suggested that Zypher take his off season time and spend it in another community, to take him away from his celebrity status and his penchant for indulging in alcoholic beverages that were suggested to him at these locals. Since that time he has spent his time in a rented loft in the community of Horseshoe Harbor, well away from the glitz and glam of the big city, and its big city sports bars and the status of being a 'home town hero' to just being a normal pony once again. The mentor suggested it would be good to get away every off season, just to get back to his roots so to speak.

So here we find Zypher Airly Cloudskimmer in Horseshoe Harbor, the fartherest place from Seaddle and definitely well off the beaten path and away from the sport of Pegasi Soccer.