Art of Mbaya Ndoto. Drawn by Fluttershy.
Example Concepts: Trader, "ex"-pirate, scholar, medicine man, teacher, advisor
Notable Zebras: Zecora


Zebras in our Equestria are a vast and varied race. While some zebra cultures may be nomadic, and others may be very tribe-focused, many others are not. Zebra culture comes in many flavors across Equestria. The nearest civilization is that of Numnah, which lies across the sea to the West and is the Harbor's cultural sister city. The largest zebra city is Zebreka, farther away.


Numnah is a bustling trade capital. The center of the city boasts a large ziggurat, inside of which is a sprawling marketplace — and in the depths of its belly, a thriving black market. The rest of the city is built in concentric rings around it, each ring representing different districts. Numnah is known for its beautiful gardens, its friendly population, and its strong, magical alcohol.

Zebras in General

Though superstitious ponies might view zebras as curse-obsessed backwater tribal monsters, zebras are nothing of the sort. They are plenty knowledgeable in science, magic, advanced medicine, and so on. That said, zebras, of all the intelligent races in Equestria, tend to be most commonly associated with a cultural mysticism. They have a long history of working with the stars — which, as any pony knows, is what we become when we die — in order to inform prophecy, make requests, or simply to make conversation.

Their magic is bound up in the natural world. They tend to be more in-tune with what the natural world wants or needs, and there is a great cultural emphasis on working /with/ it as opposed to making /it/ work for /you/. This magic can be exhibited in many ways: in potion-making, gardening, prophecy and astronomy (yes, astronomy and not astrology), cultural absorption, and many, many more.

Because of this talent, it's not at all unusual for zebras to pick up either individually, or as a family, and take to lives of adventure, trade, or simple travel. Their unique mark on the world allows them to adapt easily and pick up new traditions.

Zebras in Horseshoe Harbor

Zebras who have settled in the Harbor tend to be those who have chosen lives of intrigue or adventure. They might be traveling traders, pirates, wandering sages, or any other number of roles.