Wishy Washy
Name: Wishy Washy
Race: Half-Genie Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: Arabian styled golden oil lamp with amethyst star on the lid
Talents: Wish Granting, Belly Dancing
Weaknesses: Presumptuous, Easily distracted
Wishy's mane comes down in 4 primary bangs that sprout out of her head in different directions before stretching down her back and just barely avoiding dragging against the ground. She seems to be clad in rather odd violet regalia to match the color of her eyes and eyeshadow she wears. it seems to be mostly transparent cloth, leaving almost nothing to the imagination… not that that's odd or anything seeing as how Ponies usually forego this sort of covering. What IS especially exceptional are the golden hoops that hang from her ears and wrap around the ankles of her hooves, ever slightly glistening in whatever light happens to be bouncing off of her very much feminine figure.
Player: ClexYoshi

Wishy Washy is the strange traveling dancer who took up residence in horseshoe harbor after the friendly populace gave the Saddle Arabian a sense of home. Although it has come to light that she is secretly a half-blood Djinn, the unicorn's ties to her new friends keep her from packing up and continuing her journey.

When the weather permits, she performs her elaborate belly dances on her iconic showmare's wagon that folds out into an impromptu venue for a show. during the colder seasons, however, Wishy has worked out an agreement with Pocketwatch of the Hobknob theater to perform there. Otherwise, she can usually be found in her wagon or enjoying the company of ponies on the outskirts of town where other travelers park their wagons.


Once upon a time, a hopeful Saddle Arabian mare named Wishful Tinker fell in love with a stallion from Equestria named Spellbound. They started a business together making enchanted works of brass, with Tinker's Skill at the forge and Spellbound's ability to create strong enchantments, their business thrived! Soon, however, they wanted a child of their blood, so they tried.

and tried.

and tried!!!

Alas, it was not to be. While tinker could forge beautiful works of brass, she could not forge life. Unsatisified with this and unwilling to simply adopt, the mare set out to seek the Djinn of the oasis. The adventure was perilous, but indeed, Wishful Tinker did free the Djinn and get her wish to bear a child… the Djinn's child, of course.

Even if Wishy Washy wasn't Spellbound's daughter, he raised the little genie unicorn filly as if she were his own alongside his beloved, no matter how much misfortune it brought them. Wild magical accidents characterized the unicorn's childhood, causing lots of relocating for her and her family. All the moving and loss of business also caused much debt to be accrued, and by the time Wishy was a young teenager and had her powers in check, Her mother had to take a second job working in service of a vizier as a dancer, which Wishy soon followed and helped to pay her family's debts.

Saddle Arabia was not the place for Wishy by the time she grew up. foalnapping attempts still happened when the greedy heard of the genie living in their midsts, and the young mare wanted to see the world. Naturally she wanted to see the verdant green hills that characterized her foster father's home and set off to Equestria in search of a new life.


The strange and exotic belly dance Wishy performs mystifies and enraptures other ponies, showing an uncanny level of grace and poise since often times her dances require balancing on only two hooves and flexing herself in ways most ponies couldn't imagine bending their bodies! while she dances for a living, she is also quite skilled at cooking and cleaning and other forms of entertainment, including many magic tricks. She does try to reserve herself from using too much magic though, since through her life she has trained herself not to use magic that isn't common for regular ponies to have, not to mention that her magic is… limited, without the direct wish of another pony to fuel her magic as a catalyst.

Genie Magic when unused also tends to create an oil-like magically charged substance. Wishy more often than not infuses it with aermoatheraputic scents and sells bottles to Ruby Blossom of the Mane Affair to make the salon treatment all the more enjoyable for other customers.


In quite the odd pairing, Wishy Washy worked hard to open the heart of Snowfield, the forest witch. While Snowfield isn't one for mares or love or hugs or warm weather, the two seem to get along just fine! by proxy, Wishy functions as a secondary surrogate parental guardian for Hoarfrost, whom Snowfield adopted.

Many stallions swoon over the dancer mare's exotic beauty, and Wishy flirtatiously revels in such attention. Hemlock, Steady Binding, Stagecoach, and Rock 'em are just a few ponies who are smitten over the way Wishy carries herself, although Wishy is certainly closer friends with Hemlock and Stagecoach in particular.

Ruby Blossom of the Mane affair is somepony who has always shown Wishy lots of kindness and generosity, and Wishy can often be found at the mane affair for hooficures or to give Magpie dancing lessons!

Rising Chaos, Quintessent Rune, and Spindrift are all… strange relationships. Wishy shows earnest friendship to these ponies, although sometimes that's not always what she gets in turn from ponies such as them.