Name: Winter Solstice
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: Shield-shaped crest, emblazoned with a night sky over a field of snow
Talents: Endurance
Weaknesses: Impulsive and Careless
A tall, physically powerful mare white a white coat, and a white and red mane. Punchy!

Full Description

This mare is taller than is typical, with a lean and powerful build under a coat of warm white. Her mane is fairly short, cropped roughly and given to sweeping back from her face in an untamed fashion; its color is white, save for a bright streak of red running right down the center. This red streak runs along the top of her tail as well- which has been neatly sheared at a short length, giving it an abrupt and blunt termination. Long white feathering rings her ivory hooves in shaggy cuffs. The features of her face are broad and indelicate; her eyes are a steel grey in color, with long and dark lashes set apart from the pale tones of her face. Her cutie mark has the shape of a shield-shaped crest, upon which a star-filled night sky gleams over a field of snow.

There is an eager intensity in her gaze, and she smiles frequently, even without clear provocation. Her movements are swift and assured, helping to radiate an air of confidence; she's not especially graceful, however, prone to bumping into things and stomping loudly with every step. When resting she tends to fidget and pace, seemingly ready to burst into action at a moment's notice.


Winter Solstice arrived in Horseshoe Harbor without anybody noticing. Furthermore, she has not yet said where she's from. It is likely this is not because it some great secret but more a matter of nobody having asked yet.

She quickly took up a job working for Iron Stock, proprietor of Iron Stock's Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks, a foundry operating down by the docks. With Winter's thoughtless exuberance for physical labor at her disposal, Iron Stock has been able to turn a previously sleepy little business into something a bit more prominent.

She has also been advertising a willingness to smash things for money. So far this has only resulted in the wreckage of old furniture being strewn about in front of Iron Stock's smithy.