Name: Windrose
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Compass with flower points
Talents: Directional Senses, Mapmaking
Weaknesses: Perfectionist
A tall purple pegasus with pink/white mane
Player: Windrose

Windrose still insists she's The One Sane Mare in town. Certain ponies think she's the crazy one because she's the one that points out how strange or rediculous things seem. Though on more than one occasion she has proven to be not above the hijinks herself.

Enduring the Winter Nightmare did give her a bit of a snarkish edge that developed out of a need for some sort of stress relief and make things seem less bizarre by making fun of them.

She's still Ruby-Blossom's bedwarmer, though with two wildchild foals running around lately she spends as much time hiding in the attic or crashing at Rising-Chaos's house of madness. You ponies are crazy, but she'll take that over being woken up at 2 am by the brats howling like coyotes!