Windigo's Kiss

Physical Traits

Windigo's Kiss is an extremely rare magical flower, found almost exclusively in the Wintersong Forest. It is notable both for its qualities when used in potions or other witchcraft, as well as for its extreme difficulty to cultivate. The plant takes the form of a short, hardy shrub with large, tightly clenched buds. Under sunlight the buds quickly burst open into large, cerulean blue flowers reminiscent of roses. Many pony myths which refer to blue roses, a color which doesn't occur naturally in the flower, are actually references to this blossom.

Even though Windigo's Kiss thrives in extremely harsh climates it is easily overwhelmed and choked out by rival flowers and thus grows as far away from other plants as possible. It is also extremely sensitive to sunlight and will wither away when subjected to more than a few hours of light a day. These qualities, combined with its preference for below-freezing climates, make Windigo's Kiss all but impossible to grow in controlled settings. Places where the flower grows wild are often closely held secrets by the few herbalists and alchemists who manage to find them.

Magical Properties

Windigo's Kiss has several potent properties which make it highly sought after by potion makers. Its resilience in the face of impossible conditions makes it a great ingredient in elixirs of stamina. Though it lacks healing properties of its own the flower is excellent for stabilizing the conditions of ponies suffering from illness, injury or poison while more complicated cures are being brewed. Rumor has it that a steady intake of Windigo's Kiss is even capable of freezing a pony's aging process, although the rarity and high selling prices of the flower has ensured that there's never been a large enough quantity in one place to confirm this.

The blue rose also has a notable secondary quality: the flower's aversion to others of its kind can also carry over to draughts brewed of Windigo's Kiss, often leaving drinkers with a cold disposition towards other ponies. When the magical essence of the plant is distilled it makes a potent relationship deterrent, capable of breaking the spell of all but the strongest of love potions. One legend regarding the "poisonous" effect of Windigo's Kiss puts forward the theory that the fight between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon a millennium ago was caused by the princess of the moon inadvertently consuming a drink laced with the flower. As this particular explanation is localized to places where the plant is known to grow it is likely only an after-the-fact attempt by locals to explain how such a schism could have come to pass in the first place.