Wikipage Guide

So you've created your character! Congratulations! Now you want to set up a wiki page. Here's how!

First, put in your character's name into the form and create your character's page to begin with:

Next, under the Title of the Page, you see a dropdown menu with "no template (blank page)". Click that dropdown, and go to "Character".

Fill out the sheet with as much detail as you want! If you don't have a picture, you can draw one, or use one of the Pony Generators. You don't have the picture uploaded yet, so don't worry about the FILENAME.JPG just yet.

Hit save!

Select the "Tags" link at the bottom of the page and put in your race (all one word), and "activepc". Hit save!

Now check to make sure all the formatting is okay. When it checks out, scroll down to the "files" link at the bottom of the page. Click it.

Upload a file from your computer. Browse, find the file, and upload it. Make sure you've named it something memorable!

When the file is uploaded, Edit your page again and put in the right filename. Remember to keep the right capitalization and file type.

Save it! You're done!