What is this I don't even...

Gem-Song says "Sweetie, check your +hoof."
Sweet-Dreams O.o "I'm a CHANGELING?"
Gem-Song impersonates Rune, flops around.
Sweet-Dreams changes into Gem
Gem-Song impersonates Sweetie. Throws candy everywhere.
Sweet-Dreams is still Gem, floats into SPAAAAACE!
Quintessent-Rune pout at Sweetie. "I do -not- 'flop around'!"
Quintessent-Rune says "Either I swim most gracefuly or hobble around."
Sweet-Dreams giggles and changes back to Sweets
Gem-Song impersonates Gem-Song. Heheh, I broke it.
Sweet-Dreams says "EGADS!"
Gem-Song impersonates self, breaks universe.
Sweet-Dreams melts into jelly
Gem-Song flies into the now non-existent space.
Sweet-Dreams pours self into a Sweetie shaped jelly mould and is now a Jelly pony
Gem-Song looks at all the stuff that's happening, flops on ground, struggles to recover sanity.
Sweet-Dreams wibble-wobbles
Gem-Song pokes Sweetie.
Sweet-Dreams ripples
Gem-Song eeps, hides.
Sweet-Dreams comes back from getting a smoothie and sees Jelly Sweetie "EGADS!
Gem-Song explodes. "WHAT IS GOING ON."
Sweet-Dreams says "I… don't… know."
Gem-Song slams the red RESET button.
Gem-Song says "There. Everything's back to normal."
Sweet-Dreams ripples through time and space
Gem-Song shrugs. He's seen stranger things.
Quintessent-Rune shakes her head at Gem and Sweetie.
Quintessent-Rune goes of to make herself a few sandwiches for something to nom on.
Sweet-Dreams shakes her head at Gem and Rune and Jelly-Sweetie
Gem-Song shakes his head at Gem.
Sweet-Dreams says "DEH WHAT?!"
Gem-Song implodes.
Gem-Song winks out of existence.
Gem-Song has left.
Sweet-Dreams says "Noooooo!"
Gem-Song has arrived.
Gem-Song explodes.
Sweet-Dreams says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"
Gem-Song says "I DON'T KNOW! D:"
Sweet-Dreams says "Nopony konws anymore!"
Gem-Song saves this… whatever the hay this was.