Weather Prep
IC date: Spring 9, 1008
OOC date: May 29, 2013
Location: Horseshoe Harbor
PCs: Windrose Ruby-Blossom Skyshear

o/~ Rollin rollin rollin, keep those clouds arollin

Okay so the clouds aren't actually being rolled, but they are being pushed, after sitting out all day to soak up fresh moisture from the sea-blown breezes. Now they were being moved into place for tomorrow's rains, to give the streets a good post Wrap-up wash and water the farmer's spring crops.

Fortunately Windrose isn't one of the pegasi pushing. She has a nice little cloud to herself just above the street because she was the one with the map that was making sure the rest of the weatherteam shift knew were to put the clouds in the first place!

Ruby! The mare waves up to Windrose - actually making her presence known the one time Windrose probably isn't going to pay attention to her! "Windrose!" she chirps. "Down here!

On the other hoof, Skyshear was one of those weather pegasi who was actually doing the pushing. It wasn't that it was /hard/. Clouds full of rain were a bit more difficult to push around than ones that weren't, but considering how easy it was to push around an empty cloud in the first place, that wasn't saying much.

The only real bad part about this job was that the Harbor didn't exactly have a lot of fully trained weather ponies, so Skyshear was doing a lot of pushing.

A large clump of several water logged clouds floats across the sky past Windrose's cloud. Skyshear has her shoulder pushed into the clouds, her wings beating furiously with the effort. "You know…" She grunts, pausing a moment at Windrose's cloud, "You COULD read the map and push clouds at the same time."
You paged Skyshear with 'The tendril arms on the back? There's an actual opening hatch on the back now. The tendrils are mounted on it… and actually fold up -inside- when it's closed.'.

"And the last time I tried to help you said I was stealing your thunder," Windrose retorts to her passing friend. Which could possibly be literally. Do the pegasi actually make the thunder too? The world may never know!

She looks back to her weather map (ha ha ha) for a moment, then perks her ears at another voice and leans over the edge of the cloud. "Hi Ruby!" Waves back with a wing. "Just a moment, we're almost done for the night."

The moment Windrose is distracted by Ruby, a young hot-shot colt with a firery red mane shoots by while pushing a cloud way quicker than needed. The speed of the colt is enough to whip up the air surrounding Windrose's cloud - causing it dissapate in the blink of an eye! This leaves Windrose with a pontential date with the fountain below! "Glad to heaaa…" watching the firery blaze of cloud pushing shooting by.

"I told you, I was still using the new thunder clapper to get some of those storm clouds ready for later," Skyshear points out. She pulls her hooves away from the clump of clouds to fold her forelimbs over her chest. "Now I'm going to have to spend all night to figure out which cloud it's in." In this case, pretty literal. That's going to make for one nasty bit of thunder later.

Sky glances down to look at Ruby as the other two ponies exchange words. "Who's that? Friend of yours, Windy?"

"HEY!" When the hot shot pegasus zooms past, the wind current takes a few of Sky's heavily laiden storm clouds away with it, distracting the other red headed pegasus from Windrose's possible invitation with a fountain. "Watch where you're going with those!" Skyshear zips about, grabbing her clouds in rapid succession before they can drift too far away.

"Oh that's right, you haven't me—Hey watch it!" Windrose shakes a hoof after the hotshot. "These are rainclouds, not a tornado!" Then goes to sit back down.

And that's when she realizes there's no cloud to sit on now. "Oh not agaaaaaaain"


Thank Celestia the fountain is already thawed out!

Ruby winces cutely as she sees Windrose splash into the fountain - an all too familiar sight which Ruby can't help but grin just a little at seeing. "Eh…" she trots over and leans forward to offer a hoof to the now wet mare.

Skyshear makes short work of snagging those wayward clouds and putting them back where they belong. She zips back to where she was, dusting off her hooves. "Somepony should really-" There's a pause, as she just now realizes that Windrose isn't where she left her. "Uh, what?" Ears perk at the sound of Windrose's yell, and she looks down, just in time to see her make a splash into the fountain.

In a streak of red, orange and yellow, Sky zips down to the fountain, snickering. "You know you ARE a pegasus, right? Those wings aren't just for decoration."

Windrose and the town fountain have an on-going thing, ever since her first day in town resulted in being tackled into said fountain by a foalified Ruby.

And she's been stuck here ever since.

Windrose does the typical 'fountain spit' of water as she's helped up, followed by shooting a look at Skyshear. "A lot of good it does when I wasn't ready for it," she snips back. But then her expression brightens again as she dabs some wet curls out of her face. "AS I was saying, you haven't met yet. Ruby Blossom, this is Skyshear, my best friend from Cloudsdale. Skyshear, Ruby Blossom, the mare who's pad I crash at."

Ruby-Blossom was in the middle of helping Windrose out of the fountain, and is tempted to let go when she's referred to as 'mare who's pad I crash at'. "ACTUALLY!" she loudly emphasizes. "We sleep together EVERYNIGHT." seeming to shake her flank a bit to emphasize her current 'condition' in an insinuating but non-sensical fashion.

"Oh yeah!" Skyshear grins at Ruby Blossom and holds a hoof out to the other mare, "Windy's told me a bit… about… you." Skyshear trails off a little oddly at the strange insinuation that Ruby makes. She raises a brow in confusion. "Uh, riiight. Thaaat's totally good to know," She says, in a 'I didn't need to hear that' tone of voice. "Nice to meet you though!" Skyshear looks back at Windrose and points a hoof back over her shoulder at the clouds, "I'm gonna go wrangle those things up so we finish before it gets TOO dark out."

Windrose facehoofs, both at Ruby's mock-insinuations and at Skyshear's reaction. "Oh com'n Shear, we bunked together how many times at Flight Camp, and you're worried about that…. Besides, I just warm the bed, what you do after that is your own business Ruby dear." At least Windrose just goes along with the matter as she flicks her wings a few times to shake the water off. Though she does add something to the effect of "Ya'd think two dragons would be enough…" under her breath.

Ruby-Blossom smirks broadly. "Good thing I have your help Windrose!" she snickers. "Glad to have you, always." she nuzzles the wet mare. "Get home soon and warm up by the far, and your friend can come by too." she waves and trots towards the salon.

"Who said I'm worried about that?!" Skyshear retorts, rolling her eyes at the other pegasus, "Sheesh, you're weird sometimes, Windrose." She turns her head away quickly, so the tinge of pink on blue cheeks isn't visible from the ground. "C'mon, we're almost done already!" With a down beat of those wings, Skyshear soars back up into the sky where she left her mess of clouds and plows right into them, making the pile of them lurch ahead.

"I am not!" Windrose calls back, huffing into her wet bangs. Gives her wings a few test flaps, and finding them dry enough to take off, does so. "Okay okay, just let me doublecheck where to—" And then she stops, realizing she dropped the weather map when she fell. Eyes dart one way, then the other way. It's not on the street. Not stuck in a tree. Not blowing in the wind. So it…. oh ponyfeathers.

In a bolt of pink the pegasus U-turns and dives back to the fountain, sloshing about in the water with one hoof. Eventually she pulls out the soggy, unreadable remains of smeared ink and parchment.

Cue hanging her back with a wail. "NOOOOOOOOOOO! Now how will we know where the last clouds go?!"

Up at her clouds, Skyshear rolls her eyes at Windrose's melodrama.

"Yeah, seriously weird," She mutters, putting an extra bit of strength into her push.

"OH, I DON'T KNOW!" Skyshear calls out, half grunt, half shout. "We could WING it! Who cares if it's not in the exact right place!?"

Windrose waves her hooves to the side. "But what if the streets don't get enough rain to clear them." Then to the other side as if indicating something. "Or the fields get too much rain and end up flooding? Or what if we flood the town by accident?" Pause. "… Then again, that would be an improvement over being on -fire- like every other month…"

Another pause.

"Oh pasture pies, now I forgot what I was fussing over." Wings reflare to take off after her friend.

Skyshear merely stares at her friend having a minor OCD fit. Was she always this bad? … Yeah, probably. "It's a harbor, I THINK it can handle being flooded." She heaves a sigh, a forehoof coming up to her face. "Less being weird, more pushing clouds. I KINDA want to get home before midnight."

She turns to put her shoulder back into the pile of clouds. "And you've got a bed to warm or something."

That time stuck in the factory must of dulled your perceptions Skyshear. Or something. Or the Harbor's inherent wackiness just brings it out more. Either way. At least Windshear is helping push now. "Since when were you ever worried about going to bed that early?"

For Skyshear, it was a plus that Windrose was pushing instead of actually just sitting around and ordering them around. "Who said I was going to /bed/?" Sky retorts, looking over her shoulder at the other pegasus. "I've just got things I wanna do, that's all!"

Windrose pulls a couple of clouds out of the group and kicks them afloat in the direction of the forest. New Dawn needs rain too, after all. Probably a new thing for them, after being stuck so long in winter wastes. Brrr. Just thinking about that world makes her feathers bristle all over again. "I think the rest of this goes to the farmlands, and we'll be set for the night. Morning shift's job to actually start the rain."

"They get all the fun stuff," Skyshear says, giving her group of clouds a good shove. She releases them, letting them float away from her. Then she speeds ahead, plowing straight into them. The force of her slipstream sends the clouds scattering out in front of her, and more or less drifting off to where they need to be. "At least I'll get some fun with lightning before we gotta clear up the sky again."

As one of those clouds bumps into a couple more already set up, there is an almighty *CRACKBOOM* of thunder, without any lightning.

"Oh hey, there's the Thunder clappers!"

And there's a pink pegasus peeking out from behind her after the abrupt blast of noise startled her. It probably wouldn't work midair if they weren't both pegasus. Afterwards Windrose makes a face. "How did they get out -here-? One of the other pegasi must of picked them up and moved them."

Skyshear blink blinks, looking behind her at the ping pegasus hovering behind her for safety. "I take it you don't work storm duty out here," Sky says, rolling her eyes, "It's like you haven't heard a little thunder before." Skyshear darts on ahead to retrieve the instrument. "So we're done here, right? Time to head home?"

"Thunder isn't a comforting sound when it comes out of nowhere with no storm," Windrose retorts. Then pauses. Then rubs a hoof behind her head. "That stupid spire was enough storms and elementals and crazy stuff, any pony would be jumpy at certain sounds after that."

The comment about the spire gives Skyshear at least a moment's pause. Seems like nopony really wants to talk about that stuff, but she's still heard enough. "Yeah, okay." She scratches at the side of her head with a forehoof, "Maybe we should tell the morning crew to lay off on the thunder then." With the thunderclappers in hoof, she loops back around. "Don't want ponies to freak out thinking that the weirdo storm thing is back or whatever." Skyshear can be nice, when she wants to be.

Windrose slaps Skyshear on the back with a hoof. "Com'n, lets go get some cocoa or something. And I can show you my Luna autograph~"

"… You got an autograph?! Why didn't you say anything?!" It might not be the autograph of Celestia or some great surfer, but hey, it's not every day somepony gets to see Luna's autograph. Skyshear grins, and starts off after Windrose.