Name: Valor
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: A curved sword behind a round shield.
Talents: Swordplay ("shastar vidiya," lit. "the science of weapons")
Weaknesses: Honor before reason, which at times crosses into Lawful Stupid territory. I.e., his moral code is more important to him than what makes sense.
This tall, palomino stallion is marked by several unusual features, not the least of which are his ears, which curve inward. He boasts an intense gaze, fierce brown eyes, and the chiseled face of a legend in the making. His white mane is short, barely longer than a crew cut, and matched by a handlebar mustache the envy of all but the most rootinest, shootinest Appleloosans. IS he an Appleloosan? Well, if his features and ears aren't indication enough that he isn't, just take a look at his clothes. To start off with, we have an orange, long sleeved garment with a mandarin collar that ends just before his cutie mark. Next, there's a short-sleeved ringmail shirt ending at about his midsection, followed by a beige brigandine coat embroidered with an elaborate paisley pattern. All of this is held to his body with a red sash, which also holds a vividly decorated buckler and… hold the phone. A curved sword?! Yep, it sure is. Tucked under the sash is a sheathed sword with a definite curve to it, as well as a tassel attached to the pommel. The very same sword and buckler can be seen on his flanks. Apparently, this fellow is some sort of swordsman.
Player: Valor