Art of Hawthorn. Drawn by Fluttershy
Example Concepts: Artisan, scholar, explorer
Notable Unicorns: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity


Unicorns have the single horn on their head that allows them to perform magic. It's also sharp enough to, say, pop balloons or gore an enemy if need be. It also allows unicorns to perform more active magic, such as spells. They tend to be less physical and more intellectual, using their spells to compensate for their lack of strength.

All unicorns have the ability to do telekinesis, but only with small items and without much dexterity. For example, they can drop objects into saddlebags, but they can't maneuver thread through a needle. Of course, some unicorns may have greater dexterity with their magic, but that has to do with their special talents.

Beyond that, a unicorn will have a small collection of minor to major tricks that have to do with their special talent. For example, Rarity's special talent specialization is 'finding beauty', which manifests in her gem tracking spell.

For more information see the MLP Wikia entry about them.

Unicorns in Horseshoe Harbor

Unicorns in Horseshoe Harbor tend toward the intellectuals and scholars, as the confluence of cultures from the trade route tends to attract those interested in the arts and sciences. They also tend to be on the clean-up crew for all the damage that happens in this town. Xenobiologists frequent this area, especially with the interesting flora and fauna in the Wintersong Forest.