PonyMUSH Using Ubuntu

To install, open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and type:

sudo apt-get install tintin++

This will ask for your password and install TinTin, a terminal-based client that runs in a terminal window. To start it once it's been installed, type:


The following set of commands should be useful. They open PonyMUSH, split the screen to give you a command prompt, turn off local echo and put in a timer that keeps you from being automatically logged out. You can put them into a file and have TinTin automatically execute them as a block by typing #read pony.tt, where pony.tt is the file where you have them saved, or just type out:

#session Pony game.ponymush.com 3080
#ticker Hangon {th Still On} 480
#config {command echo} {off}
#log a ponylog.txt