Tradewinds is a pegasus sailor with an affection for tropical shirts, no matter how inappropriate to the season. He can usually be found relaxing in the shade, or helping others not to blow a fuse when they look stressed. Tradewinds dreams of one day offering pleasure cruises to paying customers, but for now, his little steamer Serenity is a bit on the rough side for that. But hey, plenty of time to work on it tomorrow, right?

He seems to have a sort of reverse fashion sense that compels him to seek out clothing that clashes as harshly as possible with his already striking coloration. It's probably a good thing that Rarity is hundreds of miles away.

Cutie Mark Story

"I had a friend, Gold Leaf. We grew up together, but she got her mark real early, making jewelry and inlays an' stuff. When she went to a special trade school, we promised we wouldn't drift apart. And we didn't. But she eventually wanted to apprentice to a master jeweler.

"She was so stressed out. She just about broke her desk, stacking all the books on it so she could study them. I kept telling her she was plenty good, but she wouldn't hear a word of it. The day before her test, she insisted she wasn't gonna sleep, just study all night. Just what she needs, right? Show up lookin' like a zombie? Well, so, I… uhh… and I'm not saying anypony else should do this, but I swiped some booze from my parents' liquor cabinet. I convinced her to take at least one drink, and, well… she finally loosened up and we had a little party, and she promised to get some sleep.

"Of course she did great. Later on, she thanked me for helping her unwind… but she never did forgive me for making her go to the test with a hangover!

"Anyhow, my cutie mark appeared at some point during all that, but… well… The next day, I had to explain to my parents just exactly how I got it, and what it meant! I was sooooo grounded. Uh, but, you know… don't drink, kids."

Name: Tradewinds
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: A coconut shell with a paper cocktail umbrella sticking out
Talents: Relaxing and helping others do the same
Weaknesses: Laziness and procrastination
A bit taller than the average pony, Tradewinds is long and lanky. He has a coat the color of a blue lagoon and a tequila sunrise-colored mane and tail streaked with a shot of grenadine red. They tend toward the shaggy side, as if he doesn't get them cut often enough. And he's rarely seen without one of his trademark Hawaiian shirts.
Player: Tradewinds