Town Employment

Horseshoe Harbor is a relatively small town: bigger and more sprawling than Appaloosa but nowhere near as big as an older town like Ponyville. But even a small town has a noteworthy economy and daily life, and listed below are the various residents of town and their jobs.

Names with an * indicate NPCs.
Residents of Horseshoe Harbor by employment

Big Red Robin's Restaurant
A restaurant serving the needs of ponies and griffons, now with bottomless hayfries!
Owner and Head Chef: Big Red Robin
Waitresses: Garland, Thistle-Fair, Bubble-Melody

Bits and Bobbins
Owner and Tailor: Kairavi

Bramblebrush Schoolhouse
A one-room schoolhouse located just off the Town Square.
Schoolmaster and Teacher: Blackbird
Substitute Teacher: Gamble
Students: Dream Daze, Hoarfrost, Lavender, Pumpkin, Sadaka, Siyana, Spearmint, Star Daze, Swift Wind, Toybox.

The Brothel
A soup kitchen on the docks that has really fabulous soup!
Owner: Tomato Bisque

Carrot Corner Cafe
A cute little cafe down by the boardwalk.
Owner: Sunny Delight*

Champagne Bay Tavern
As classy as Horseshoe Harbor gets. Sometimes, there's even jazz!
Owner: Brandywine*
Barkeep: Amber Shot

The Fizzy Flask
A store and lab offering alchemical goods and delicious soda!
Owner and Chief Alchemist: Sodium Fizz

Ginger and Saltpeter
The town chemist, selling medicine as well as materials for more esoteric work.
Owner: Pill Bottle*
Chemists: Pill Bottle*, Skyflower

The Harbor Watch
Brave ponies keeping however much of the peace they can find.
Self Proclaimed Sheriff: Plot Twist
Cannon Keeper and Demolitions: Carronade
Guard: Sunshine Stormcloud
Harbor Fire and Rescue: Solar-Wind

Harvest Family Farm
One of many family-owned farms at the edge of town, though one of the larger ones. They grow fruits and vegetables of all sorts.
Farmer: Plowshare*
Salespony and Accountant: Rosewater*
Gardener: Hayseed
Baker: Bread*
Blacksmith: Forge*
Farmhands: Bread*, Forge*, Hayseed, Pumpkin

Horseshoe Harbor Weather Service
Dilligent weatherponies of Horseshoe Harbor.
Captain: Jellybean
Weatherponies: Jellybean, Sky Sparkler, Skyshear, Stormdancer, Typhoon Wave, Windrose

Iron Stock's Sturdy Seaworthy Sinkproof Shipworks
Metalwork of all sorts: Casting, smithing. Located at the north end of the boardwalk.
Owner: Iron Stock*
Blacksmith and Iron Founder: Winter Solstice

Le Bistro Pomme de Terre
Small but chic, an elegant eatery near Town Square with outside dining.
Owner and Chef: Pommes Frites*
Waiter: Garcon*

The Mane Event
A salon and beauty parlor.
Owner and Mane Stylist: Ruby Blossom

Margin Notes
Books, books, books, books.
Owner: Marginalia*
Assistant: Codex*

Office of the Mayor of Horseshoe Harbor
Government. Wait, we have one of those?
Mayor: Lorelei
Mayor's Aides: Polaris, Salty
Tax Collector: Penny Pincher*
Mayor's Bodyguards: Rock 'em*, Sock 'em*

Optic's Glasses
Ocular accessories for four-eyes of all ages and price ranges.
Owner: Optic*

Pictures by by Straylight
Owner and Operator: Straylight

Rescue Rodent Removal Service
Do you have a rodent problem? Call on Gravity Gryphon for your rodent removal needs! We also do window cleaning.
Owner: Gravity

The Rumflower
A distillery and one of the many taverns of Horseshoe Harbor.
Owner: Almond Malt

The Rusty Bucket
The town's dingiest dive, a once-proud ship now permanently moored at the docks. Hard liquor, gambling, fights, and grape juice for the foals! Recent events have left it dangling improbably in the town's former weather shed.

Sand Dollar's Pragmatic Prosthetics
Did you know that this town has a store that deals entirely in prosthetics? Did you know that it stays in business?
Owner: Sand Dollar*

Spellbound by the Bay
A magic shop operating out of Rune Manor. Ready to meet all your enchantment and artifice needs! Several days since our last major arcane catastrophe!
Chief Proprieter: Quintessent Rune
Co-Chief Proprieter: Spindrift
Co-Co-Chief Proprieter: Rising Chaos

Splash of Color
A colorful shop and art studio in Tinker Town that also sells craft supplies. Will do household and decorative painting jobs as well.
Owner and Artist: Palette-Splash

Stall Vendors
Like many towns, Horseshoe Harbor does a lot of street business, with ponies selling goods from stalls and carts.
Coffee: Moka
Liquor: Moonshine
Magical Goods, Trinkets (Smuggling): Muzaji
Salads: Unnamed Possibly Insane Mare*

The Sweet Dreams Candy Emporium
Owner: Sugar Rush
Confectioners and Salesponies: Sugar Dart, Sugar Rush

Timeless Treasures
A curio shop unlike any other, featuring ancient artifacts and relics procured by the proprietor from the far corners of the world! Includes culturally-specific crafts, jewelry, and soft goods. The prices are rather steep, though.
Owner: Trail Blazer

Unafilliated Employment
Many in the town are self-employed, without a business larger than themselves, or else work odd jobs with no consistency.
Artist: Excelsior
Astronomy and Navigation Tutor: Moonglow
Carpenter, Construction Foreman, Woodworker: Kludge
Fortune Teller: Manyara
Healer: Yisheng
Inventors: Blackbird, Bread*, Forge*
Jeweler: Arctic Skies
Laborer: Whistlestop
Magic Researcher: Rising Chaos
Mechanic: Rusty Gears
Mercenary: Starry Knight
Musical Tutor: Nocturne
Musician: Seabreeze, Thistle-Fair
Mysterious Thief: Caramel Sufganiyah
Painter: Emerald Isle
Pickpocket: Magpie
Repairpony: Crescent

Recently a second settlement has started up in the area: the forest village of Daybreak, populated by refugees from the world in which Nightmare Moon reigns eternal over a kingdom with no sun. Small yet and different culturally, it remains to be seen how their presence will change things.

Residents of Daybreak Village by employment

Errand Boy: Gustaff

Beyond the towns there is also a sizable minority who either live in the wilderness or have no fixed residence. The latter category includes those ships which are naturally not permanent fixtures of Horseshoe Harbor but make it a regular port-of-call.

Outdoorsponies, Nomads and Ships

On The Road
The travelling life: the open highway, the call of the next horizon, the many days spent sleeping in the rain. It works for some.
Adventurers: Bomani, Hemlock, Rumble Riot, Zula
Instrument Crafter and Musician: Nightsong
Travelling Belly Dancer: Wishy Washy

The Wilderness
From the foothills of the Whitesaddle Mountains to the Wintersong Forest, there's plenty of wide open spaces where ponies can live.
Distiller: Jaquelyn
Hermit: Snowfield, Asana
Scavenger: Rocket
Search and Rescue: Dustdevil (MIA)
Weaving of seam, song, and seam Mbaya-Ndoto