Here's a rough timeline, as to how it relates with canon. Because the timeline with regards to Discord, the content of the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant, and the arrival of the alicorns is still iffy at best, we don't have an official ruling on those yet.

  • 1 A.C. - Nightmare Moon has been banished to the moon and Celestia has taken over both the moon's and the sun's cycles. This begins the period known as Anno Celesti.
  • 966 A.C. - Horseshoe Harbor founded by Seafoam, the explorer hailing from far-off lands. It is supposed to be a place for all creatures with a dark stripe to come to turn their lives around.
  • 974 A.C. - When Seafoam is tragically struck dead by a lightning bolt, her pegasus son Wild-Rock takes over. He establishes a black market in the local tavern, the Rusty Bucket, thus completely undermining his mother's goal for the town.
  • 980 A.C. - Wild-Rock is found dead in the harbor, apparently having fallen into the ocean while unbearably drunk. His successor was Pina-Colada, a zesty unicorn mare whose greatest accomplishment was concealing the burgeoning criminal presence in the harbor. She was an excellent people-person (…pony-pony?) and was even, with a surprise visit from Celestia, able to successfully rig a Potemkin Village.
  • 995 A.C. - Alas, Pina-Colada was found having choked to death on her seaweed salad. Her successor was Stone-Cog, who claimed to be the great grandson of Wild-Rock despite the pony living only fifteen years earlier. (He would punish anyone who argued with him.) He was a cranky old coot, but he was able to keep most of the ne'er-do-wells of the harbor in line. His greatest accomplishment was the creation of the Harbor Watch, as a personal and local security force. His prized possession was the clock in the middle of Town Square, which he had built to have his own image (and cutie mark) transcend time.
  • 1000 A.C. - Nightmare Moon escapes from the moon, and the Mane Six rescue her from her angry prison off in distant Everfree Forest.
  • 1005 A.C., Spring - The Dread Pirate Saltlick arrives with what's left of her crew.
  • 1005 A.C., Fall - Stone-Cog meets his demise when a spring from the tower comes loose and skewers the poor jerk. Salty waltzes in and claims mayorship for her own.
  • 1005 A.C., Winter - Horseshoe Harbor burns down.
  • 1006 A.C., Spring - Horseshoe Harbor is rebuilt.
  • 1006 A.C., Summer - Horseshoe Harbor burns down.
  • 1006 A.C., Fall - Horseshoe Harbor is rebuilt.
  • 1006 A.C., Winter
  • 1007 A.C., Spring
  • 1007 A.C., Summer
  • 1007 A.C., Fall

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