Name: Thunnini
Race: Seapony
Cutie-Mark: Blankflank
Talents: Acrobat & contortionist
Weaknesses: Excessive curiosity
A sleek and rather athletic-looking seapony filly. Her mane and fins are a sandy tan, while her body is a bright cornflower blue speckled with violet. Her slate green eyes are cheerful and sparkling with mischievous energy~!
Player: Kludge

Thunnini is an inquisitive little seafilly! She's often curious about what's going on, both beneath the water and above it. For fun, she likes doing acrobatics, and she's discovered that by making a small current she can go fast enough to leap out of the water and do stunts in mid-air. She can also contort herself to fit into places that might be too small for most foals her age.

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