My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

PonyMUSH is based off of the HUB TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Created by Lauren Faust (who also worked on Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), the new take on My Little Pony is a fun little romp with well-rounded characters and a refreshing viewpoint that there are lots of ways to be a girl. It is, of course, still a show for kids based off a toy line, but she and her production team have made it so much more, and as a result it's gathered a rather enormous following of older watchers.

If you haven't watched MLP:FiM, you can generally find the episodes online on Youtube, or linked from Equestria Daily or Derpy Hooves. In addition, new episodes air on Fridays, on the HUB channel around 1pm. Check your local listings for additional information. The show is fun, it's cute, it defies a lot of the stereotypes of children's television. Go, now! Watch!


PonyMUSH takes place in a town called Horseshoe Harbor, off on the distant shores of Equestria. It's located far away from the locales on the show, on the other side of Everfree Forest and the White Saddle Mountains. The Harbor is an outpost largely unbothered by the central authority of Queen Celestia, and it likes its anonymity. Established as a place for second chances, it has since also acquired a reputation for being a good place to lay low, start fresh, make trade, or even just seek adventure.

Anything can happen in Horseshoe Harbor: it's a place of rip-roaring fun, burning buildings, piratical nonsense, magical goofiness, and a strange and eclectic group of individuals living together and just trying to get by in one piece. Still, the most important point is thus: friendship and togetherness still fixes things. No matter how high the stakes, this rag-tag band of fellows, pirates, civilians, traders, and more will have to find a way to stick together and overcome the odds.

PonyMUSH is a game that is equally about high adventure and slice of life. Just as an episode of the show can be about something as mundane as ferrying a cake between cities to as earth-shattering as stopping a dragon from blotting out the sun, plots on PonyMUSH can be day-in-the-life or grand adventure or anything in between. Humor and light-heartedness is encouraged, but of course, not always required. On occasion, darker themes creep into life in the Harbor — and that's certainly okay. But on the whole, we try to keep our central locus on the lighter side!

Characters on the MUSH should largely be able to cooperate with one another. That's not saying, of course, that a character can't start out a grump and grow to become more cooperative — that's what character arcs are for! But characters who come onto the game with no intention of working with other characters are called antagonists, and we don't allow antagonists unless they've been run by the staff. For more information, see Character Generation.