The Maid Mareian

The Maid Mareian is Captain Goody Horseshoes' primary ship, greaty injured on account of the Maelstrom. It's currently docked in the Harbor awaiting repairs. More info coming soon!
PC Crew: Goody-Horseshoes
NPC Crew:

First Mate (Unicorn)- First Mate
Crow's Nest (Pegasus)- Primary lookout
Manesail (Pegasus)- Stock and supplies manager, Fullsail's younger brother
Fullsail (Pegasus)- Sail maintenence and control, Manesail's older brother
Cookie (Unicorn)- Galley Cook
Whitewood (Earth)- Woodworking
Anchor (Earth)- Smithing, anchor management
Bowline (Earth)- Rigging operations