Tartarus Frozen Over
IC date: Autumn 18, 1007 AN
OOC date: 10/7/12
PCs: Ruby-Blossom Sodium-Fizz Solar-Wind

Two days since arrival and frankly she's getting sick of hiding - she's managed to secure a vent passage to the boiler room; which happens to make a comfy place of hiding and base of operations. Why is she still hiding? Well somepony accused her of spying, when all she was doing is spying! The nerve, it's not like she was spying for Nightmare Moon or anything - she just doesn't exactly trust folks who kidnap her to another universe; a feeling of paranoia is suitably justified. Currently the mare peers down a hallway in her current disguise - one of those spiffy thermal suits all the ponies around here wear. She begins to trot down the hallway hoping to pick up some new information without attracting any attention.

Solar-Wind has been working since arriving more or less, there's stuff to be done, always stuff. This means lifting, moving, just plain hauling. While he's no earth pony, he is buff and well built and definitely not afraid of getting dirty, though he is staying well clear of that green goo that has collected here and there, "Thats just not right" he thinks to himself as he hauls equipment from the Lab into this room just to store it along the walls. The roof may be 'secure' for now, but alot has to get done for it to be stable in there.
Solar-Wind is only working to keep out of the way mostly keep moving as if he were to stop, he'd probably go crazy, this building, this lack of sun, is like a trap, a cave, someplace restrictive, and he can't fly much here, he's gotta be out in the sun, out side, flying the skies not stuck here. 'Hrumph' he intones as he shoulders some more equipment aside pretty much blending with the other work-staff-baseies here. He doesn't have their jumpsuits 'yet' but he's attired in his vest and short-sleaved work jumpsuit and fireguard regalia, but that is getting pretty dirty from his labor

Ruby-Blossom is not the only pony skulking around in the hallways and corridors of the underground sanctuary, though in truth Sodium-Fizz is doing a lot more sulking. Unlike most of the others, the pegasus mare had been stuck in this warped parody of her own home for less than a day, still reeling from the abrupt jump between dimensions as well as the rather harrowing escape from their point of arrival. The last day had been nothing short of terrifying and just to make it worse there didn't seem to be a single drop of cider, ale, whiskey or wine. Not a drop.
Sighing for herself she turned down another corridor, following the sound of metal and stone scraping together. Finding the source she came to a halt, scowling at Solar-Wind. She didn't know this one, most likely another one of her nutty ponynappers. Or whatever the hay they were.

Ruby-Blossom might even look a tad intimidating in her cool thermal protective suit! The mare trotting up to pair as they near one another, putting her voice acting skills to work she speaks in a gruff stallion-esque tone. "What are you doing here?" the helmet of the get-up doing a fine a job muffling the perfectly executed voice which results in a voice not unlike a storm trooper. The suite helps add much needed bulk and size to her mare frame - otherwise who would take her seriously? Not that she's being serious at the moment =3

Solar-Wind pauses in the hauling/dragging of the equipment as the husky voiced much shorter stallion in 'gear' approaches, "The Professor wanted some of this, uhh, whatever the heck this stuff moved outta tha lab, Ya got a problem with, talk to im'" he jerks his muzzle towards the lab Corridor. "He's down there somewhere, I think, I don't know" he shrug some as he works out his shoulders and back, briefly untucking his wings and back again, before glaring at Sodium-Fizz and returning her /glare/ "whats your problem?"
Keep him moving, keep him walking, keep him moving keep him walking! He just stares a moment before looking at his load, then to the 'guard stallion whatnot' He's got quite a bit on that one, and in a fight, that guard probably wouldn't stand a chance given his stature, "Come on, ya gonna let me continue?" he practically growls.

Sodium-Fizz shuddered, her ears pinning back as she let her head drop. Ruby might not be serious, though the vaguely familiar mare seems to take it as a downright threat it seems. "Nothin'," comes the answer, seemingly to both of them, her hindquarters slumping to the ground.

Ruby-Blossom reaches out to place one hoof gently on Sodium's shoulder in a reassuring manner - she lifts her visor a tad to peer at Solar-Wind with her distinctive ruby red eyes before glancing to Sodium to offer a small re-assuring smile. "You know, in /my/ world Solar-Wind wasn't jerk." she tells Sodium-Fizz before glancing back towards Solar again, she's able to discern that the pair are not from this world by their lack of suits! "But the Solar in this world, woo. What a jerk being mean to another pegasus." a firm motherly glare towards Solar-Wind before she puts her visor back down.

Solar-Wind stops in his tracks, though he is exhibiting some strange motions, he can't stop looking around rather jerkily at that, he looks down, seriously shrinks like alot, he practically cowers, "I, Oh, I" he swallows hard looking down, though still twitchy and evidently not in his head all the way "Mmsory" he announces teeth momentarily chattering as he slumps against his load one hoof taptaptaping. "I gotta do something, anything, Its, Its too tight in here, can't move, can't breathe" he just looks around, "Can't get out and fly, oh what I'd give to just get out and fly!" he practically begs of them, "come on, you can let me out and get some airtime right, Right Please?" he shivers though obviously not cold.
The big lug is claustrophobic of all things, no wonder, as he is a pegasus, this whole being in one big cave is getting to him something firece, "Mmmsory Ruby" he looks to her then to Sodium-Fizz, "Maam" he shivers , shoulders into the thing he was pushing some, somewhat as a stress relief, "One moment I was up on a rooftop admirin' a sunset, next minute I wake up with one hay of a headache and the feeling like coming down off one hay of a hangover, and Bam, here I am, I mean what the flippin feathers was that?!

Sodium-Fizz stared in surprise, trying to place Ruby's face. They had meet before hadn't they? But not here. As their words washed over her and she gasped loudly. "Ruby…?" They were from her world! A moment later she'd sweept Ruby-Blossom into a tight hug.
"Oh, sweet Luna! Am I glad to see you two! I lost Winter and the filly somewhere and I can not find them and I am scared, and I do not want to be around those other ponies because they are so bad of and we are stuck here and we will be just as bad off and I am not sure what to do except wander but now I found you two and…" A shortness of breath made her come up short, that and a sudden realization. With a few quick bound she'd wrapped Solar-Wind in an similarly chest-clenching hug. "Please, please, please there is nothing to worry about just do not be mad because we can not split up and because then I have to be around those other ponies and I do not want to," another pause for a gasping breath. "Please?!"

Ruby-Blossom gives Sodium a warm, re-assuring hug in return - surprised the other pony remembers her so well! She doesn't interrupt the ramblings of the other mare; understanding some ponies just need to let things out. She nudges her visor up again as she approaches Solar and Sodium whom are now tightly embraced. "Actually, no pony knows I'm here." she admits with a sheepish grin "Not really. I've been laying low since one of the knuckleheads acused me of being a spy." So in essence she /is/ spying! "I think it'd be best if you didn't let the others know I'm here." offering a re-assuring smile. "I want to be able to help out if things go sideways, you know?

Solar-Wind is hugged. The stallion's world is pretty much put on pause, he lets out a deep breath, like everything was just sapped out of him, and though he's still tap tap tapping one of his hooves, he's not quite so freaking out, you can tell he's still not well though as he can't help but keep looking around. "I, I won't go anywhere, there's no where to go, one, end, or the other, some rooms in-between" he'd pace if he wasn't wrapped up like he is. "Shhhhh its ok, its ok, its ok" he just stammers trying to maintain /some/confidence though its rather forced. "I'm Captain Solar-Wind, from the Royal Canterlot Fireguard, I uhh" his glances look to you for his introduction but his eyes swim, and he starts looking around, "I uhh, I gotta push this thing into the main room, for, for the professor" he states (sodium fizz can practically feel his heart racing) trying to get up, needing to move.
The Stallion doesn't loose his twitchyness, he's not doing well at all at this point, though he is /reassured/ now but claustrophobia is still there, he's still in a cave and STILL wants out
Sodium-Fizz takes a few steps away from Solar-Wind as she releases him, drawing a unsteady breath. She felt… better, getting that of her chest. Just a little, but enough to avoid blowing her top. Brushing a hoof across her eyes she forced a thin smile, "You so-sound like you need a drink as badly as I do. My name's Sodium-Fizz, I'm just… well, me… And," she turned, looking back at Ruby, "I guess… I guess I know what you're saying. I don't like this place, and having somepony watching out… for us, would be good… Um, on that note… There's a little piebald unicorn filly here too… Wound up here with me, she's from our world. Or place, or time or, or whatever the flying buck it is!"

Ruby-Blossom offers another big smile to Solar as she steps over to place a hoof on his shoulder. "I understand you're uneasy, but…" she leans in to whisper to the stallion, and in a quiet voice tells him "You gotta relax, I'm counting on you to help take care of the others; and you can't do that if you stress yourself out." ruffling Solar's mane with a hoof. "Relax, and help take care of the group. I'll make you some more apple turnovers when we get back." offering a big, friendly smile to the pair before gasping "Magpie's here too?" A furrowed brow as she recalls unfinished business with the little scamp. "I'm surprised a second group arrived." ponder ponder. "Multiple incursions are a good thing, it mean's it's /not/ a one-off.

Solar-Wind is still not well, but the multiple reassurances are helping, he's 'stable' right now, though still looks like he needs to do some pushing of equipment, and with that he slowly shoulders into it. He blinkblinks some, gulps a little, "Oh, I urr, I didn't recognize you I urr, I was so much smaller" he admits some, "the voice was familiar, I knew that, but I didn't really recognize" he admits, and glances to Sodium-Fizz eyes perking some, "Ya found anything good to drink, so far all I've had is water, and some odd rations" he mumbles with twitching hooves, shoulders into that equipment again needing to move it. "Help take care of the group, right, take care of the group" his wings twitch out , and back in, he shakes his head, "take care of the group" he repeats, like he's locking it in his head, "Nice to meetcha Miss Sodium-Fizz" he announces to her as that sound of metal on stone starts up again as he muscles it over, "anyone know where we sleep here, I uhh, I haven't seen it" he admits

Sodium-Fizz chuckles mirthlessly and offered Solar-Wind a curt nod, "Nope, they're as dry as desert here apparently, and like wise." She he turns towards Ruby-Blossom once more. "And… that's her name? I never caught it, I think… I don't rightly remember much of it, though what I do remember isn't anything good for anypony else that might come through. We'd have died out there, some kind of giant lurking pony-sized spiders hiding in the snow. The filly.. um, I mean, Magpie, got stuck in one of the strands. We needed Winter to help us free, and if it wasn't for her we'd be dead by now…"

Ruby-Blossom frowns at the mention of the spiders "They have those in the Wintersong Forest back home. Nasty buggers." Offering another re-assuring smile. "I'm glad to hear Winny was about to help out, I'm really glad." Big smile! Doing her best to reassure the pair despite being completely paranoid about the entire situation. "There's a dorm where all the ponies sleep, you can imagine it's not all homey; but there's beds and it's warm enough. I can show you the way if you like?" flipping down the visor on her helmet to resume obscuring her identity from friend and and not so friend alike.

Solar-Wind shakes his head strongly, "No gotta finish this, no sleep, don't think I could sleep really" he shakes his head again as he continues pushing, "Gotta keep going, gotta protect the group, yes" he nods again, at least he's focused on something now.
Solar's load skids down the hallway again at a steady pace, while he occasionally flits his wings out and back in in a nervous tick or something. "Nice to meet you both" he murmurs again, eyes set staring into the blank face of the machinery, "Yeah, the booze, no booze" he murmurs, "you don't have any?" he asks again as he slowly shoves the /thing/ up against the rest of the things he was pushing. He just stays there, leaned against it wings keep doing that flit in and out. "We can go out side now, get some air?" he asks again, still desperately trying to get out of this hole.

Sodium-Fizz groaned softly and let herself drop onto her belly, her legs folded underneath her. She was somewhat relieved that one of them could smile, though it was downright creepy that anypony could. "Nope, no booze. And I'm still freezing my feathers off, I'm not stepping outside ever again. Unless I manage to get my hooves on one of those," she nodded at Ruby and her suit, "and a hearth-fire potion or something like that, something to keep warm. Besides… giant pony-eating spiders! I hate this buckin' place!"
Fizz sighed and ran a hoof through her mane. "And I suppose, yeah, it might be possible if events like this keep happening… But it happens out /there/, at least this time. Anypony unlucky to get sucked into this place might not… be as lucky as me and Magpie, they might very well not make it. Ponies from the Harbor might go and die out there becaus, 'caus…" she muttered before tossing a hoof in the air in frustration, "Gah! Because of this stupid WHATEVER they're up to! What the buck were they trying to /do/? Some kind of… of, summoning or something, I think Winter said?"

Ruby-Blossom wells as she lifts her visor. "You didn't hear it from me, but my understanding is they were attempting to summon Celestia back from the sun. But darndest thing magic went wrong." a mock gasp with one hoof held close to her mouth. "One major question I have is - how did reach into another dimension on accident when trying to summon /their/ Celestia." suspicious glance! "How do we know they weren't trying /abduct/ our Celestia?" That would explain why there were mucking about in other dimension in the first place." Such a suspicious mare! "I recommend focusing on the positive, you're safe and not out there." she glances back to Solar again. "Come here, Solar." firmly matronly voice accompanied by a small hoof stomp to really get the boy's attention. "I expect you to do as you're told, and when Ruby says relax. You Relax, understood?"

Solar-Wind formerly had his head and muzzle laid firmly against the /thing/ he was hauling/pushing/shoving. The sound of his name, breaks him from his insane trance and his head swings around matching voice of name say-er, and looking her way, he responds at least, then lifts himself from his load and trots over to her. He's still twitchy, but he listens, "R relax" he almost hisses out in not exactly the most healthy voice, but he nods a little, glances to Sodium Fizz, furrows his brows. He hears things, people talking from time to time and registered her protests of being cold. The big overbuilt pegasi stallion is practically radiating heat with all his efforts, and the big guy shirks out of his work vest nosing it over to her. He still is attired in his own work-jumpsuit/harness arrangement.
Solar's muzzle swings back around to Ruby and intones, "Relax" he huffs and quietly adds through a shiver of /not chill/ "relax is be flying in the skies, soaring up high" his eyes slip closed, "Flying up high, on the wind, sun at my back" he huffs almost tearily and slips to his belly curling up pretty much, "up in the sky" "Under the sun, the sun!" he slurrs out quite possibly falling asleep like that, though its unsure as he's still talking about the sun, and flying, and his wings keep doing that flit in and out

Sodium-Fizz humm's softly, her face scrunched up in thought as she haphazardly threw the vest across her back. Summoning their Celestia, or pony-napping ours. The thought sent a shiver running through her, one not entirely related to the unnatural chill of the ever-dark world they'd found themselves in. "So… what do we do? I mean, really? Half of us are going nuts from stress, the other half are already some kind of crazy. No offense meant, Ruby. And one is way to young. At least of us that I know off."
"As it is we risk being tossed out it feels like. At least those of us that's more worthless than useful. I'm no good without my equipment and ingredients… I take it none of you've seen anything like that? At all?"
An adorable little frown crosses Ruby's face before her expression twists into a little frown - at which point she takes a deep breath and tries her darnedest to break into a song - which is difficult consider she doesn't /feel/ like singing - but she can't stand to see these two suffer. With a soft harmony one of her practiced skills comes to light.
"~o Although we can't see the sun and sky.
On only one thing we can rely.
True friends whom we depend
Together we can defend
What really matters~o
 Dropping her visor to conceal a small frown (I've done better.) she pouts to herself, feeling a little underwhelmed with her impromptu performance. A moment passing before Ruby lifts her visor "I know they have quite a few things in the lab, I can snoop around to see what we can find. We do want to be prepared.

Solar-Wind is stilled by the little melody, The big fella gets up and nods. He shakes his head some trying to clear his thoughts mind still not all there, but he's getting a little better maybe. He trots in place just working with himself glances over to Sodium-Fizz, "Nice Vest, looks just like mine" he comments softly to her and looks back to Ruby, "ann, anything we can do to help?" He asks as he suddenly jumps up and flaps his wings, hovering there not too high off the ground, his head not too far from the ceiling either. Dude's gotta fly, though its probably not pent up energy as its unlikely he's slept yet. 2 days of pushing stuff around, two days. Adrenaline? Insanity? what is he running on? likely empty by now.
"Relax" He huffs some as he hovers, "Relax" he blinkblinks eyes glazed over some, "pretty voice, nice little melody" he comments to Ruby then aloud again "Gotta help protect the group, but, Relax" he nods again to himself. Big boy has gone off the deep end, but at least he's friendly now.

Sodium-Fizz smiled thinly. "True friends, hmh… You do know I only have one real good friend in the Harbor, right? Unless he's wound up here too…" The pegasus mare fell silent for several long moments before shaking her head for herself, as if to clear it. Standing up she strode right over to stand next to Solar wind. "I could use a few friends."
"And I think we want to be prepared, yes. Looking out for ourselves is what's important right now, so that's what we should do. A'right?" She looked between the Ruby and Solar, a thin smile on her muzzle. Though at least it's genuine.

Ruby-Blossom looks up at Solar-Wind "First off, you need to get some sleep, big boy. You're a member of her majesty's Fire Brigade, and you need to act the part. I expect you to calm down, and handle this like any other emergency. We can't go outside at the moment, but we can do alot to help these ponies - and the most important thing we can do keep our wits, and show everypony there is hope." offering the biggest smile she can muster.
"The first thing I want both of you to do is get some rest. We'll need your strength Solar-Wind, and I can't have you freaking out like this. I don't like being stuck indoors either, but you have a responsibility as a stallion in her Royal Highness service, and you need to think about how your actions reflect on Celestia." trotting closer to place a hoof on his shoulder. "You've got friends here who will take care of you. Imagine helping these people, then taking flight in the newly liberated skies. I promise you there will be no better feeling. Hoping that she's able to talk some sense into the big lug all of what she said is true at least! Her visor drops so she can openly frown (Bah, I can't believe I talked so highly of Canterlot. I'll suffer that indignity if it helps him.)