Swift Wind
Name: Swift-Wind
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: Three Multi-Color Diamond Kites
Talents: Making and flying kites
Weaknesses: Over-energetic and often wild
Swift-Wind is a small earth pony filly with seemingly boundless energy always running at a full tilt with seemingly no 'stop' button on her. "Filly Foals are GO!" Her coat color is a sky blue that seems to have patches of puffy white clouds here and there upon her body. Just a dapple of white on sky blue. Her white windswept mane is rarely styled and always long and flowing as she runs. Holding still seems to be a challenge for this super charged foal. But there's one thing that this charged foal always seems to have with her, and thats a perpetual smile upon her muzzle.
Player: Solar-Wind