Name: Stormdancer
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: A white cloud over two crossed lightning bolts
Talents: Harsh-weather flying
Weaknesses: Enough Is Never Enough
A blue pegasus mare with a -bright- blue and yellow mane. Athletic build.
Player: Stormdancer

A brief history:
Formerly a scout in the Equestrian Exploration Corps (a group which may or may not have official ties), she was kicked out on her flank after an incident that may or may not have involved strong liquor, three griffons, and a travelling noblepony caught on camera.

Following this, she found employment in a specialty courier company based out of Manehatten. Eventually, she also found why certain mountain peaks are marked as 'off limits', even if flying around would have added hours to the trip time.

Once the bandages came off, and with a fresh dislike of aerial reptilian menaces (that she in no way woke up, really!), she was subtly recommended to take a long, restful vacation in Horseshoe Harbor while her feathers grew back in. And was absolutely assured that she'd be receiving her medical compensation in the post, and there were no hard feelings about the loss of that parcel, really.


After being Rising Chaos's assistant/herb-finder/cook for a while, she's now joined the town's weather team! This can only end well.

Fun fact: Is nearly identical to her AU-twin, Stormcaller. Who just happens to be in the Dirty Tricks division of the Shadowbolts over there. Feel free to engage in mistaken identity if it makes sense!