Steady Binding
Name: Steady Binding
Race: Seapony
Cutie-Mark: A wet glue-brush
Talents: Bookbinding
Weaknesses: Weak-willed
He's a seapony with a rather eye-catching pattern on his body: white, with large black and red splotches. His black mane is center-parted and brushed down to cover his head and frame his face. A pair of pince-nez spectacles is set in front of his amber eyes. A row of river-tumbled stones, striped and speckled in different colors, hang from a braid of white string around his neck; at their center is a large, pale blue moonstone. On his flank is an image of a wet glue-brush - or, to the untrained eye, a broad paintbrush with white paint on it.
Player: Twitchy Tweak