Name: Starry-Knight
Race: Zebra
Cutie-Mark: A celtic type knot ringed by a dozen tiny stars
Talents: Mediation
Weaknesses: Overly Blunt
This is a sturdy and sleek Zebra hailing from the distant Zebra capital of Numnah. She wears very little jewelry, feeling that it weighs her down when she wants to run as fast as possible. Her only adornments are a single gold earring in her left ear, her right ear being rather too tattered to hold and heavy gold, and a polished silver disc hanging from a leather strap around her neck. She keeps her silver and blue mane carefully trimmed in the traditional zebra style, and her tail is cut short so as not to tangle. She has a shining silver coat that is cut throughout with dark navy blue stripes, and accented at her flank with her glyphmark of a twisting celtic knot, surrounded by stars. A few small scar on her right shoulder become visible when the sun hits them right.
Player: Starry-Knight