Want to meet the PonyMUSH staff? Here they are, listed alphabetically!

Central Staff
Applejack images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-8zDF5r29aoTrUJfiMHC5p7r6njncB4jOFZxpcqtJkShvLWpGpQ&t=1
Duties Headwiz
Frequent Alts Gamble, Mad-Mare, Dream-Daze, Rumble-Riot
Notes Plots are like apples. Finish it too quick, it ends up tasting mighty bitter. Let it go too long, and it rots.
Discord disco.jpg
Duties Keeping that fourth wall in place. And making sure all the little cogs keep a'turnin'.
Frequent Alts Polaris, Baron Von Cirrus, Shiroyuki-Hanako
Notes Loves making cupcakes. Really loves making cupcakes.
Rarity DD.png
Duties Fabulous and Fashionable Plotwiz
Frequent Alts Winter-Solstice, Spindrift
Notes But I thought you WANTED whining!
Trixie trixie.jpg
Duties Taking credit for other staff's achievements and being a fill-in when someone else is unavailable.
Frequent Alts Snowfield, Stormsailor
Notes …and then they made me their king.
Help Staff
Angel Bunny ab.png
Duties Plot bunny!
Frequent Alts Typhoon-Wave, Rusty-Gears, Manyara, etc
Gummy gummy.png
Duties Wiki Updates
Frequent Alts Jellybean, Pumpkin, Grusha, Paige
Notes Gnnnnnnnap.
Tank tank.png
Duties Wiki Updates
Frequent Alts Kludge, Thunnini
Honored Retired Staff
Twilight twilight.jpg
Duties Loafing, mostly. Occasionally seen pontificating on arcane arts. Warning: Twilight's player is an actual grad student in an actual engineering discipline and so, on occasion, may be having an actual Lesson Zero kind of day.
Frequent Alts Captain Mwai
Notes Dear Princess Celestia, WHAT IS UP WITH PINKIE PIE, SERIOUSLY. She defies all laws of physics, psychology, and gastronomy. WTB.
Rainbow Dash dashie.jpg
Duties A little coding, a lot of scheming~.
Frequent Alts Lavender, Chaco
Notes This is so unrainbow. :( Also, you might have run into me at the UW club.
Fluttershy flutterpunch.png
Duties Headwiz, junior code wiz, fluff crafter, and official PonyMUSH greeter.
Frequent Alts Blackbird, Salty, Siyana, Dragonheart, Whistlestop, etc
Notes I draw a lot! In fact, I illustrate RiM!