Name: Spindrift
Race: Seapony
Cutie-Mark: A trident thrust through a crown
Talents: Archaeology
Weaknesses: Aloof & Disdainful
Willowy slate-blue mare with a long black mane
Player: Winter-Solstice

A tall and willowy pony, with a delicate build. Her coat is a dusky shade of slate blue, and gleams with a faintly iridescent quality in the light. Her mane is black, interspersed with streaks of dusky purple; long and straight, it sweeps back from her forehead and spills down the back of her head neck in a slick waterfall of darkness. Her eyes are a rich sea-green in color, and seem perpetually focused in a critical, appraising fashion. Adorning her flank is her cutie mark- a bronze trident plunging through the center of a tilted crown.

A recent arrival to the town; she is Very Mysterious. Nobody yet knows where she came from or where she goes at night, or what her favorite color is OR if she prefers cake or pie. She is always seen in the company of a tall, thin stallion who wears a heavy and concealing hooded cloak.