Solar Wind
Name: Solar-Wind
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: A fire with a bucket of water putting it out
Talents: Firefighter and EMT
Weaknesses: NeverGiveUp Stubbornness, intense Claustrophobia
This proud pegasi is cast a dull faded red with a shocking white mane and tail. He is outfitted with a strong looking harness arrangement over his shoulders so that he may carry buckets or even small barrels of water for help in putting out fires! He has some other devices upon his wings, perhaps designed to give him more lift, as they lengthen his wings by a good foot or so of added length. He has these extensions so that he might be able to carry a greater load of water for the fires.
Player: Dustdevil

Origin: Solar-Wind
The young Solar-Wind started his youth as the only son in a family of four. He was born on the outskirts of Canterlot to mother, Sparkle-Dream and father, Heavy-Hoof in the Canterlot Castle infirmary. Sparkle-Dream was a service worker in the Royal branch of Canterlot Maintenance, she was the chief of all of canterlot's extensive glasswork, from windows to the countless stained glass works of art scattered about Canterlot Castle. Heavy-Hoof was employed by the Royal Guard in the Pegasus Air corps and was rarely home to assist his young family, the 'Guard' was his family and his personal family was more of an inconvenience to him, but he performed his duty to his country and his family. Solar has a younger sister by the name of Blue-Skies. His entire family is of the pegasus line and follows the traditions there-of.

As Solar was growing up he had some serious issues with his abilities to fly, he was overbuilt stocky like an earth pony, with wings of a developing colt, just not developing fast enough to keep up with his development. His rapid growth in bulk kept him grounded for much of his youth much to his chagrin, it also highlighted another oddity of him, for much of his youth he was a blank-flank, having never found a skill that really fit him, He presued many fields, even participated in father-son events sponsored by the Royals, the annual "bring your child to work" days always brought him out of his shell, He loved to serve the royals, and did his best to work towards something that would get him a mark like that. A cutie mark that could be useful, but alas it never came for him, at least not like he thought it should.

He worked out every day, long and hard so he could build up his body and his wings as best he could. Every day, longer and longer he'd try and strain, but his wings alone couldn't do the trick, He'd practice, and practice and practice some more and never achieve flight, quick buzzes but nothing that kept him airborne for any time. His father was frustrated that he couldn't send his son to flight camp in cloudsdale, and soon became frustrated by his lackluster performance, and the fact that he didn't even have his cutie mark even though he was getting on in age, nearly out of regular school for all the usual ground based students. Solar was trapped on the ground and a blank-flank too, what an embarrassment to the family. Solar took the brunt of the verbal abuse from his father, and was frequently bullied at school even regardless of his building strength. He was still uncoordinated and still flightless.

One day while out practicing in one of the courtyards of the castle, one of his favorite places to practice, Solar came across a package bearing his name, a present, large unwieldy, but it was addressed to him! It bore no name from which it came from only was wrapped in a foil-esque wrapping that depicted the royal seal, Could this be a gift from the Princess herself? He shrugged off that thought, and tore into the packaging. What he found confused him, until he read the brief instructions regarding just what this equipment was. The note entailed:

You are a pegasus born to fly, and born to serve others like your parents before you, take these, attach them to the front of your wings, and continue your diligent practice, and one day soon, you too will take to the skies.

Best Wishes, a friend…

Solar was dumbfounded and just stared up and around looking all around, there were only two windows that could really see this mostly overgrown courtyard. Solar stood in awed silence, Two windows, that only could be looked from by that of Princess Celestia herself. Solar was filled with pride as he tried on the wing enhancements. They fit perfectly and still allowed him to fully tuck his wings. His primaries extended around to meet behind his tail even when folded now, so it not only extended his wings, but also modified them somehow, He could feel a change in them but wasn't sure just what, or where. He flicked his wings out experimentally and felt as if he was opening his wings for the first time, everything just felt different, felt special somehow but he couldn't place it, only thing he felt, was that this just felt 'right' now

Solar flexed here and there, and tried his buzzing technique, and actually got off the ground by more than a few feet, he turned about and wheeled around and landed upon the ground again absolutely exhilarated by this new feeling. Solar was elated and practiced the rest of the day, and well into the evening. He finally returned home late as usual and fell asleep to a happy slumber the likes of which he rarely achieved.

Not long after Solar got home and went to bed, he awoke with a panic, some thing wasn't right, He could see an outline, almost seeing through the walls a presence, the slightest scent was off, warm, a temperature variance that wasn't right. The big colt slipped from bed and eased down the hall of their three floor home, Father wasn't home, just him his sister, and his mother. Solar made it to the stairwell before realizing that it wasn't just a scent that was off, but a light was different, It was FIRE The entire downstairs two floors was on fire! Solar Yelled at the top of his lungs for everyone to get up, he ran to his sisters room first but the door was hot to the touch and he could start to hear whimpering, beyond, His only sister!, He called out to his mother and she cam from sleep and charged out into the hall, seeing in the dim orange light and feeling the floor creak beneath her very hoof steps, "Solar we Got to go!" she shouted to him, but Solar would have none of that regardless of his mother tugging on his tail, he shouldered into the door and ripped it apart, the scene beyond the door was horrifying, and nothing could be seen from the flames. Solar gave in and charged with his mother towards her bedroom, She shouted that she couldn't get her window open, something was sticking. Solar meanwhile, pushed his mother aside and charged the window at full speed going straight through and out into the open alley way where he untucked his wings and glided skyward with powerful strokes of his newly fashioned wings. His mother was right on his hooves flying up, but solar Wheeled around and came towards the front of the house where he wheeled about again and flew straight into the window of his sisters room to alight within the flames, There was no fear in his eyes as his eyes studied the flames saw their ebb and flow and felt at one with the fire itself, saw where it was traveling saw what it was eating at, saw his sister there, singed in places, but alive and afraid. He was light on his hooves as he danced amongst the flames as he made his way to his sister where he smiled and begged for her to follow him. She came to him and followed his words, followed his instructions to the letter, and she did what he asked, and she made it to the window and out. Solar on the other hand stayed a moment longer, and watched, studied the patterns, saw the flow, felt the heat, then used the heat to his advantage, he used the thermals beneath his wings, a burn there, a singed feather there, and he shot straight up into the smoke and flames and practically thundered through the already weakened roof. Straight up and out, and he wheeled around twisting in flight, and tucking his wings in he aimed himself towards the distant water tower, then piled on the speed, he aimed in an odd direction down and at an angle, and flied full tilt into one of the support beams of the tower. The impact sent him astray, but did something else, in the process, it achieved everything he hoped it would. The tower tipped, and the arc of falling water radiated over the fire itself, the house was suddenly inundated with a torrential flood the likes of which no weather pony would ever be able to achieve with a single cloud! The fire was out just as some of the fire ponies were starting to arrive! The fire would never spread, as nothing was left but soot and dust!.

Solar awoke the next day in the hospital with a fractured shoulder and several bandages where he had received burns or damage. The fire crew that attended the fire mentioned that he was a hero for having conquered that blaze in one fell swoop.. One untrained untested pony vs a blaze the size of that, was amazing to say the least, others say he was born to perform this task. The Royal Canterlot Fireguard even asked him to to join their ranks!" Solar could not be prouder. He had rescued his sister, and saved his mother from the flames, and people were happy with him! His father even came to visit and actually for once didn't berate him for his lack of skills, and he had flown! He had flown with his own power, well with the help of these wing extensions, but he had flown and saved lives, and, and he wasn't afraid of the fire, most of all!"

The day that Solar was released from the hospital was the second happiest day in his life, Not only was he a hero, had he saved his family, but now upon his flanks was a wild new Cutie Mark!!! A fire with a bucket of water putting it out!!! He had found his mark, found his place in this world, and now he could see the world so clearly, Solar-Wind would become a fire-fighter pony, One of the Royal FireGuard!

Solar-Wind grew up thereafter attending Flight-Camp, and the Fire-Birds flight school, a firefighter pegasus auxiliary of the Royal Fireguard. He learned about fighting the fires, saving ponies lives, learned first-aid and evacuation techniques, and also learned some of what the more experienced weather ponies could teach so that he could become an effective firefighter. As Solar matured he became more involved with the Fireguard and also worked extensively with the other devisions of the Royal-Guard. His size and strength lent itself well to support for other groups and made a force to be reckoned with. Him and a team of his the best firefighter ponies was loaned to the Gryphon alliance for them to assist with a large forest fire in the gryphon territories.

Solar learned many things while fighting that fire, made friends, across the alliances, helped to save both ponies and gryphons from an unpredictable blaze and came out alive on the other side. He took a beating and was out of the service for a few months, but on his return to the service he was promoted to that of Captain of the Royal Fireguard for his duty and his service to Equestria.