Name: Sojourn Smie
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A glowing nested doll, opened just a crack.
Talents: Enchanting
Weaknesses: Hair-trigger mood swings.
He's a white unicorn with a brown mane so aggressively parted and accounted for that it seems an attack on the very idea of disorder. His eyes are green, but chances are you'd never notice that on account of his constant squint, which is caused by the smile he always, always wears. To say that this stallion is cheerful is an understatement of the most grave kind. He. Smiles. All. The. Time. It's endearing at first… then it's unnerving. More eery than that is his laugh, his ethereal, lilting laugh. On the rare occasions when he ISN'T happy, suffice it to say that he REALLY isn't happy. His clothes are business suits and ties in outrageous shades of purple, with the occasional black turtleneck. He's nearly always wearing a huge amalgamation of three woefully overstuffed bags, patched up here and there and covered in all manner of trinkets, toys, cookware and curios. He tends to hunch over and assume a sort of servile stance, which carries over even when he isn't bearing all of that weight. When standing still, he bobs slowly up and down in a strange little dance, perhaps a subconscious invention to take his mind off of the burden he bears.
Player: Valor