Name: Sodium-Fizz
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Yellow vial with a trio of bubbles.
Talents: Alchemy
Weaknesses: Anxiety Attacks
A dark, slate grey pegasus mare with a lithe build. Fizzy’s mane is a thick and tangled mess of dusky purple curls, cut fashionably short to fall around her face and pale yellow eyes. Slender ears stand poke through her mane and it seems that at one point something must have taken a bite out of one of them, leaving behind a ragged edge.
The mare seems to have several more faint scars - scratches and bite marks both - on her forelegs and down her left side, culminating in a ragged splotch of scar-tissue at the base of her left wing - wings that seems surprisingly large and overdeveloped for her slight frame. The Cutie Mark adorning her flanks comes in the form of a vial, it’s contents the same pale yellow of her eyes, and a trio of bubbles of the same colour.
Fizzy always seems to be prepared for something, her ears twitching to track every sound in her surroundings and her eyes constantly flaking around warily. Her quick and skittish movement also lends itself to giving an impression of an almost paranoid pony.
Unlike most ponies Sodium-Fizz appears to prefer to be clothed, often she’s found dressed in a off-white linen shirt with broad, purple brass-buttoned cuffs holds the puffy sleeves just above her pasterns. Stuffed between the cuffs and legs are several slim vials, their protruding tops half-hidden under the fold of the linen cloth. Completing the ensemble is a richly purple waistcoat - it’s front decorated with a line of artfully crafted brass-buttons - with a high-backed collar and coattails draping across her flanks and a pair of sturdy laced-up boots adorning her rear-legs - reaching well up to her gaskin. A pair of rimless glasses sits perched on her muzzle.
Player: Sodium-Fizz