Name: Snowfield
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: Frozen Hourglass
Talents: Ice Manipulation
Weaknesses: Fear of Failure, Social Interaction
What at first looks like a pubescent filly is, in fact, a full grown pony who is simply very small. The tips of Snowfield's ears are just high enough to brush the chins of most other ponies. Her legs seem a little long for her torso and her muzzle is just starting to develop an angularness which could be very attractive in a year or so. An icy white coat with a hint of blue or perhaps purple, reminiscent of ice or frosted glass, covers her body, while her long, straight mane and tail are a dark blue-green with teal blue stripes. Long bangs that are cut at an angle so that one of her brilliantly blue eyes, perpetually sporting a dark circle beneath it, is visible while the other is covered. A long sidebang reaches her knees on the side which is cut 'high' while the rest of her mane flows freely down the other.
Player: ThirdAnguis

Snowfield is a strange little pony who once lived in the Wintersong Forest, just far enough in that her cottage was covered by a perpetual frost but not so deep that she had to worry about monster attacks. She had a reputation in town as being a witch and possibly responsible for any number of the ills which befall Horseshoe Harbor, but this was hardly the case. In truth, she is simply a very old, very knowledgeable pony who hated everyone around her.

In more recent months she has opened up to the ponies of Horseshoe Harbor, thanks in part to the unbreakable desire of ponies like Jellybean and Ruby-Blossom to be her friend and more recently thanks to the love of her special somepony, Wishy-Washy, and her adopted daughter, Hoarfrost. Where once she only came into the harbor at dusk to avoid encountering others she now owns a house in the residential district outside of town and spends her free time wandering the towns, not going out of her way to interact with other ponies but at least making herself available should anypony wish to approach her.

It is unknown how long Snowfield has lived in the vicinity of Horseshoe Harbor, thanks to the transient nature of most of the Harbor's residents. She has been there longer than many of the townsfolk and the ones who may predate her can't put a hoof on when she first showed her face. At the very least she remembers the banishment of Fireside-Frolic a decade ago, if only vaguely.

Her relationship with the people in town is hard to describe. She does not actively avoid interacting with the ponies of the town as she once did but she doesn't seem particularly interested in making new friends, either. It might be most accurate to say that she wants to make friends but doesn't know where to begin, so she lets others make the first move. She still has triggers that turn her cold to others, most notably those who comment on her height or call her a foal due to her small stature.


The early years of Horseshoe Harbor's forest witch are as wrapped in mystery as her origins in town. Her skills with ice magic and general demeanor have led some ponies to believe that she might be part Windigo; Snowfield does not confirm or deny these rumors, finding them useful in warding off too many inquiring ponies. Another popular theory related to her youthful appearance and filly-like size is that she suffered a Windigo's Kiss overdose in her youth, although the incredibly rarity of the herb makes it a very unlikely one.

What is known is that her cutie mark was earned in the depths of a terrible blizzard, although no such storm has occurred in the length of Horseshoe Harbor's history, at least not in any sort of time frame that lines up with Snowfield's apparent age. She became lost in the storm, wandering far from her home when the white-out conditions disoriented her. Eventually exhaustion got the better of her and she collapsed in the snow.

Upon waking Snowfield was greeted not with a sight of the Bone Mistress, but of a beautiful waterfall… one which the frigid conditions had turned into a solid curtain of ice. The falls would have been a sight to behold with freely flowing water, but frozen as they were it looked like a moment had been frozen in time for eternity. The sight dazzled the unicorn foal, who decided on the spot that she would spend eternity trying to share that wondrous sight with the world.

This is the extent of the history that Snowfield is willing to share. She has not said if she ever found her way back home or what she did with her life between earning her hourglass cutie mark and making her home near Horseshoe Harbor.


Snowfield makes her living carving ice sculptures, a talent alluded to in her frozen hourglass cutie mark. Though beautiful, the nature of her medium guarantees that she'll always have repeat business since ice can only last for so long. In the spring and summer months when there is less of a demand for sculptures she uses her ice magic to craft "artisan" clouds for small, independent farms who don't wish to rely on the Cloudsdale factories for their weather.

The little unicorn is a veritable font of folkloric knowledge, being well-versed in Equestrian fairy tales common and obscure and dating back for generations. She is similarly familiar with the stories and mythologies surrounding rare plants and herbs but does not know a thing about most of their actual alchemical uses.

Notable Relationships

Snowfield has developed a mutual respect for Manyara, the mysterious abada who has taken up residence on the outskirts of town, after the gypsy freed the unicorn from an icy prison of her own making. She is aware of Manyara's talent as a wishmaster and is adamantly against the practice of granting wishes. She does her best to mock this by regularly bringing incredibly rare and expensive items from the forest as "fees" and wishing for incredibly mundane items like sandwiches. To date, Snowfield is the only person to make wishes who has not had them blow up in her face.

One cannot mention Jellybean in Snowfield's presence without drawing her ire. She hates the ever-cheerful pegasus and everything he stands for. She hates the way that he shows up on her doorstep wanting to hang out, she hates the way misfortune seems to befall her whenever she is in his presence (especially the sort of misfortune which requires her to be sociable) and she hates his naive worldview. He is probably her best friend in town.

Her relationship with the town children, Lavender, Siyana and Sadaka, is complicated. On one hoof she will act as their guide to prevent them from getting hurt, allegedly so that nobody blames her if they do, but she is just as likely to actively antagonize them even when they are already in the depths of grief. It's hard to tell sometimes if she is engaging in "tough love" or just being a jerk to the poor girls.

Blackbird has Snowfield's grudging respect for being one of the few other sane ponies in town and she can engage in serious conversation with him relatively easily. However, she's concerned that he can get so wrapped up in his emotions that he loses track of the big picture and how his actions can influence others.

She left an open challenge for Mad Mare during the secret mission to rescue Sadaka and her parents, though not before crippling the pirate lord and leaving her for dead. She thinks the pirate is deranged, dangerous, and oddly familiar though she can't put a hoof on why.

Snowfield is of the opinion that Salty is the devil, plain and simple. She is the worst mayor in history and manages to hold onto her position either through sheer luck or by secretly being the most terrifyingly calculating tactician in Equestria.