Name: Sky Sparkler
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A cloud, quartered by lightning bolts
Talents: Electric-Based Weather Work
Weaknesses: Lack of experience
Blue coat, yellow mane and tail.
Player: MetBoy
Sky Sparkler is the newest addition to Horseshoe Harbor's weather team. Despite her excellent grades from Clodsdale U, Horseshoe Harbor was the only place she could find willing to take the chance on a weather unicorn. She's still learning that the real world is little like the classroom, and that Horseshoe Harbor is little like the real world.

The Cloud-Walking spell Twilight Sparkle used in Sonic Rainboom, but also lets her hooves stick to the underside of clouds.
Limited Teleport: a lightning bolt between the start and end points must be possible, must be line of sight.
Telekinesis: Fairly strong, but limited dexterity. Ferromagnetic materials are easier to manipulate.
Spooky Music

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