Name: Shanty
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Accordion with Sailor Cap
Talents: Playing Accordion
Weaknesses: Can't Fly
Before you stands a cheerful (if slightly scruffy) light brown Pegasus with a straw-colored mane and goatee. He is commonly seen along the boardwalk and in the taverns of the harbor, sporting a sailor's cap and busking for bits. He seems to be playing an accordion… with his wings?! Wait, how does that even work?
Player: Shanty

Shanty is still a relative newcomer to Horseshoe Harbor, only arriving in the last few months after traveling the world for an unspecified amount of time. He claims to hail originally from the Griffon Lands, where he learned to play his decidedly un-ponyish accordion. In order to play such a complex instrument designed for a race with fingers, Shanty has developed a method that allows him to play using only his wings. Yes, you read that right.

Shanty tends to be a generally likeable fellow, except for his slighty (greatly) over-inflated opinion of his musical talents and his attractiveness to the fillies. Has a tendency to be a hopeless romantic and to throw caution and common-sense to the wind upon meeting an especially attractive mare. When not chasing his latest pursuit he can be surprisingly level-headed, and he has picked up numerous odd skills and tidbits of random knowledge during his wide travels.

Shanty is currently has his sights set on the lovely Princess Shiroyuki-Hanako, a Alicorn currently visiting Horseshoe Harbor for unknown reasons. He has managed to wheedle his way into becoming her guardpony, much to the dismay of the Princess' personal hoofcolt, Emberlocks.