Pics of Steady-Binding. Drawn by Fluttershy.
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Seaponies are not technically canon in the show, but Lauren Faust had had plans to include an episode about seaponies. Good enough for us! Seaponies are aquatic ponies. Our version has front hooves instead of fins, as well as dorsal fins. In their native form, they can breathe both air and water just fine, though they might dry out a bit if they're away from water for longer than a few hours.

Seapony Magic

Seapony magic is intrinsically linked to the sea — either metaphorically or literally. Just as unicorns have both their special talent and telekinesis, seaponies have a particular specialization but can also dabble in a limited fashion in basic water magic. Their spontaneous magic casting is very dependent on the emotional state of the caster of the time. For example, healing while angry could lead to a more painful recovery.

In order to stabilize their magic, seaponies have long ago mastered the art of making talismans. Making talismans is a labor-intensive process that takes time, love, and effort to create, and there are certainly some who are more adept at it than others. Not everyone can create a talisman. However, one particular brand of talisman magic is rampant in seapony society: the phylactery.

Seapony Phylacteries

Untold generations back a member of seapony nobility discovered that the latent magic of seaponies could be amplified if they sealed a part of themselves in jewels and shells and set them in jewelry. While perhaps a disconcerting thought at the time (who in Equestria would cut off a part of their soul for power!?) a strong public relations campaign and a particularly power-hungry queen backing the movement caused the practice, over years, to become an ingrained part of their culture.

The crafting of a seapony's phylactery-necklace is now considered as integral a part of seapony development as the earning of cutie marks is for ponies on the surface. A young seapony will spend some time hunting for the proper gems and shells for their necklace, with discovery of the perfect stones usually (but not always) coinciding with the discovery of their special talent.

The necklace phylactery allows the seapony to, if separated from it, transform into an earth pony. A seapony in four-legged form tends to be very fey, with a faint glimmer to one's coat — but it's faint enough that most don't even realize there's a difference. As long as they're not wearing the phylactery, they'll be able to stay on-land just fine. The longing for the sea will always be in the back of their minds, however.

A seapony's necklace, considering it contains a part of themselves sealed within it and will cause them to drown if removed, is considered a part of their body. To try to take away somepony's necklace would be akin to trying to lop off one of their fins and would never be considered by any sane seapony. This is another reason why it is so weird to see seaponies in Equestria: to trade their hooves for legs would mean literally sacrificing a part of themselves, hiding it away so that they have no contact with it. Even then, the necklace is always kept within arm's reach if at all possible.

As each necklace has a particular seapony's magic intrinsically tied to it, a seapony can't take another's necklace and use it to get their fins back. However, for unicorn scholars who would simply use the necklaces as focii for water-based magics and may not necessarily know their true origins, stolen seapony necklaces are considered rare and powerful artifacts.

Seaponies in Horseshoe Harbor

Seaponies are an elusive race that live in the Starlight Kingdom deep under the ocean. Regular ponies are unable to visit the kingdom without the aid of powerful magic, due to the temperature and pressure of the water. They tend to be a little standoffish from the other races, due to somewhat xenophobic tendencies, but they'll interact if they have to. The only exception is their fondness for zebras, as they frequently trade with them.

However, some seaponies are curious, and will make their way onto shore in quadrupedal disguise. No other ponies know of this, though there are obscure legends frequently dismissed out of hoof mare-in-the-moon-style. Likewise, seaponies are forbidden to speak of it. Players who choose to play seaponies should know they're playing a secretive race, and while many will go out on land in disguise, a few will also make do by staying in their true form and, say, get carried around in buckets. (If they trust the pony carrying them, of course.)