Say Apple

Mwai is getting some very amusing errors with text displaying. Me: Say Apple. Say apple? Computer: ASDUSADARASSDLAUPPLURSSLE.
Thunnini says "Looks like it turned into applesauce."
Seaside-Sunset says "Get a priest."
Seaside-Sunset says "Admittedly, if you doused it in holy water, it /would/ solve the issue."
Winter-Solstice says "Auplursle? Sounds like a pokemon."
Thunnini jots down "The Saucy Apple" as a possible tavern name… for a non-pony setting, of course!
Mwai says "Basically it displays the letter, and the three after it, and then moves one letter-space over and does that again. So you get some keyboard-butt sentences."
BossTone says "Sounds like a fine pony tavern."
Seaside-Sunset says "Yeah, fine pony tavern."
Mwai makes no guarantees that The Saucy Apple is not the name of a Canterlot brothel he's been to.
Mwai also makes no guarantees that it was not run by a member of the extended Apple family.
Seaside-Sunset hands Mwai a 'True Apple Bucker' button.
Plot-Twist face palms
Plot-Twist says "Hey AJ you hear that"
Seaside-Sunset swears these will be made and handed out at Everfree.
Applejack suddenly doesn't feel so proud 'bout the button she's wearing.
Plot-Twist says "Mwai has been bucking the wrong end of the apple family tree"
Seaside-Sunset intends to do this =3
Seaside-Sunset snickers.
Seaside-Sunset likes this idea because it can be taken so many different ways.
Seaside-Sunset says "Really I just see it as similar to 'True Believer'"
Mwai says "The Apple family tree has ends? Isn't it all just a sort of thicket?"
Seaside-Sunset says "Less of a tree, and more of a orchard."
Mwai says "…sorry everyone. That was a horrible joke."
Seaside-Sunset says "Horribly accurate."