Name: Samantha
Race: Griffon
Guild: Tinkers
Talents: Machines
Weaknesses: Optimistic Featherbrain

Samantha is a little smaller than the average griffon. She's got the usual tawny rump with darker wings, and her white head is highlighted with pink markings on her chest and around her green eyes. Her crest feathers shade to the same pink at the tips. She spends a lot of her time with her feathers and claws splotched with oil from the machines she's working on.

Sammy wears a green vest most of the time, covered in pockets that hold various tools of her trade, and she often adds a toolbelt that carries a sturdy long-handled wrench.

Sammy is Starbright's sister, but where he's the brainy one, she's more claws-on. Machines just speak to Samantha in a way they don't for most people. She's turned that talent to building and repairing steam engines, like the ones trains use, but she's just as good with almost anything mechanical (the more industrial the better, if you ask her). It's a true mystery how somebody so smart about machines can manage to be such a featherbrain the rest of the time.