"Unless you're here to tell me you're some world-class criminal and you're about to rob everypony blind. Then? Sure. Introduce yourself." - Mad-Mare

Ruby is indeed a world famous thief who commits her crimes under the alias Scarlett O'Mare, who is responsible from high value, high publicity thefts that span Equestria from Vanhoover to Baltimare.

Her preferred targets are wealthy individuals, and organizations; researching her mark extensively before infiltrating and diverting the wealth to the less fortunate: orphanages, foal orientated charities, and sometimes herself.

Ruby arrived at Horseshoe Harbor aboard a small trading vessel bearing signs of battle damage. That very same vessel was stolen, and sailed out to sea the following night; where it promptly exploded.

Since arrival Ruby has managed to bring song to Horseshoe Harbor, and become the proprietor of Horseshoe Harbor's premiere salon - The Mane Event.


Ruby developed numerous skills out of necessity including sleight of hoof, lock-picking, mane-styling, dressmaking, singing; to facilitate her crimes. Currently Ruby is offering her mane-grooming services in Horseshoe Harbor to keep up appearances.


Trust: Being world-class thief means there are several major secrets that Ruby keeps.
Children: Ruby is very caring towards foals.

Name: Ruby-Blossom
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: A single blossom with petals compromised of Rubies.
Talents: Thievery
Weaknesses: Trust, Children
An adolescent earth pony mare with a turquoise coat, and a curly pink mane. Ruby colored eyes as brilliant as her name sake stand out against her turquoise coat. Her cutie mark is a single blossom with petals compromised of Rubies.
Player: Ruby-Blossom