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03/19 Statue of the Past History is preserved Grinder, Seafoamthe statue Oldtown, Founder Seafoam's Statue
03/20 Harbor Intro Grinder meets two recent imports Grinder, Overhaul, Clean-Sweep Shipyards & Crane-City
03/21 Hole in da Wall? Early morning brings a fresh visitor within the walls of Crane-City, but how'd she get in? Snakebite, Grinder Crane-City Inside the Wall
03/21 Odd couple Pop-Kettle is menaced, then Codex and Sweep show up. Pop-Kettle, Codex, Clean-Sweep, Overhaul Outside town.
03/22 Wake up, Sleepyhead A scared little medic wakes up, and meets some interesting character Patches, Codex, Clean-Sweep Abandoned medical building
03/26 Home? A wandering pegasus finds an unlikely home Grinder, Overhaul Crane-City, Grinder's Shipping Container/home
04/8 Clean-er Clean Sweep discusses her past in a conversation with Grinder, and forces the filly to clean up. Clean-Sweep, Grinder Old Talisman Factory
04/9 Good Morning Codex It works Muwahahaha! Codex's computer works, kinda. It just needs one more part and an expedition to get it, but first he encounters a cleaned up filly! Codex, Grinder Old Talisman Factory
04/10 Ground Down Grinder is out in the wasteland looking for something special for Clean-Sweep when she stumbles into a slaver trap! A team of quick thinking ponies come to her rescue! Clean-Sweep, Grinder, Snakebite, Overhaul The Wasteland
04/11 Rest now little filly The Day after Grinder had her encounter with the slaver trap, she has been returned home to heal, and has a houseguest of another pegasus! Overhaul, Snakebite, Grinder Crane-City
04/12 Awakening Another guest arrives in Crane-City as Clean-Sweep comes to check in on the filly. Sweep shares some healing tools with the recovering filly and helps her along. A kindred soul reaches out across the void. Clean-Sweep, Grinder Crane-City
04/12 Stay O and Snakebite have a few words with each other just across the street as Grinder sleeps her wounds off. Snakebite, Overhaul Crane-City
The wheels on the wagon go... O fixes a wagon for Codex and in return, is asked to help even more. Codex, Overhaul Crane-City
Haunted Someponies don't listen to the radio! Otherwize they'd have known that there's a Canterlot Ghoul in the area! O encounters a piece of haunted history, and is reminded of the past. Plot-Twist, Solar-Wind, Overhaul Equestrian Wastland
4/14 What is THAT?! The Canterlot Ghoul has taken up guard duty outside Grinder's home! Overhaul, Solar-Wind, Grinder Crane-Town
4/15 Thunder and the Rain The calvery has arrived, set out to find out just whom is killing off all the slavers in this area and they brought some firepower to back them up. The Battalion however finds resistance in Solar-Wind! Overhaul, Solar-Wind, Grinder DownTown Wastelands
4/18 Armor Solar and O run into a few ponies on the search for armor for O Overhaul, Solar-Wind, Snakebite, Codex DownTown Wastelands
4/19 Help from Above O rescues a familiar face Overhaul, Snakebite DownTown Wastelands