Name: Rising-Chaos
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: Brick Forge
Talents: Using different kinds of magic
Weaknesses: very little magic power, master of no particular field of magic, very sensitive to magic
Researcher making an expedition to research the area surrounding Horseshoe Harbour.
Player: Rising-Chaos

A Canterlot local, Rising Chaos grew up surrounded by the stiff manners typical of an upper middle class family, while having the love of two caring parents. She was a quiet filly, who loved reading, but in all other ways was normal. She learnt magic very early, after listening to her father telling her a bedtime story, and trying to make pictures to match the words. To her (and her father's) surprise it worked, and she made illusions on the walls, making her the first filly in her school to learn how to use magic.

This new found ability changed Chaos completely. She dove in to magic, the study of it, the practice of it, becoming more and more secluded. Her school worked on the idea that most unicorns only ever knew one spell, so she was told over and over that illusions were all she would ever be able to do. She knew there had to be more, because ever since her first spell, she could see the magic all around her, but felt like she was only scratching the surface. This wasn't helped by the other foals, who as they gained their magic, all quickly surpassed Chaos in power, if not in knowledge. That only redoubled her effort, leading her to become cold and distant even to her own parent, who became very worried.

Her only friend during those times was a blacksmith who lived on her road. She would go watch him while he worked, they rarely spoke, but watching the blacksmith in action would be calming for Chaos. Otherwise she found it very hard to control her temper, her obsessive need for power that was consuming her entire life. The power and heat of the forge, with the raw, pure act of creation captured her heart. One day, her friend slipped, burning his leg on the hot metal he was working on. In a panic, without thinking, Chaos reached out with her magic, healing the burn with her magic, using a spell stronger than she'd ever used before. That is when she got her cutie mark, a brick forge, to symbolise her ability to take any raw energy and convert it in to usable magical power, thus her ability to cast any spell.

Eventually, Rising Chaos went to the Canterlot University. She was never powerful enough to go for Celestia's school for gifted foals. By that point, everypony else had far outstripped her ability to cast, but she was rapidly becoming an expert in many fields of magic, and almost able to hold her own with her still favourite spells, illusions and healing. As a parting gift from her parent, who had become increasingly worried about their cold, distant daughter, and her unrelenting pursuit of power, gave her a cape which would help her control the energies going through her head. That cape almost never left her side until very recently. At university, the familiar pattern continued, rising chaos would excel at any and all academic challenges, but utterly fail at any practical exams. She was belittled, being referred to as 'not a real unicorn' which she replied to by throwing herself even harder at her studies, at practice, and even delving in to any dangerous and exotic magic she could find, anything that offered power.

In her final year, and as a final project, every pony in Rising Chaos' program was to undertake a research expedition to a town in equestria, and write a research paper on a magical phenomenon. rising chose Horseshoe Harbour, with the idea of studying the Wintersong forest and it's unique life magic. However, as things are wont to do in the harbour, events transpired to keep her from her work, and eventually Professor Lancet was sent to check on her. rising Chaos was given two weeks to finish her assignment, which she managed with only minor disasters (see: The final Lesson episode). Unfortunately, once again her inability to use practical magic held her back, making her fail the final project, and being given a choice. Return to Canterlot to try again, or stay in Horseshoe Harbour with the friends and loved ones she'd found, an entirely new experience for the once lonely mare.

She chose to stay.

Rising Chaos is close friends with Stormdancer, after having hired the mare as an assistant for a while. She is also good friend with two of the resident seaponies, Spindrift and Quintessent Rune, both of whom share a wealth of arcane knowledge and a generally calm, cold disposition. Even if they can be a bit silly sometimes. She was in a relationship with Queen Pegasus, and was her fiancée until Rising decided to cut the relationship short so she could work out her mental issues to be a more stable and safe partner for the future, which she felt unable to do while in a long term commitment.

With all of her academic background, Rising Chaos is perhaps one of the most magically genius ponies of her age, but she does not have the ability to back up the theoretical expertise. Her power level is on par, or less than, a talented foal, with the small exception of illusions and life magic, which she has become so comfortable with she can bend her limits slightly in those areas. She is a chilly pony, better able to contain her anger and other emotions as she's grown up, and is often seen with a calm, neutral expression with a tone to match. Her eyes contrast this, as they are a brilliant orange, almost seeming to be on fire when she gets emotional, and are in constant motion. She projects an aura of self confidence, with only hints of tension hinting at anything amiss beneath the mask. Her mauve coat is well trimmed and cleaned, same with her white and blue two toned mane and tail, which is kept in a tightly controlled, flowy style reaching to her shoulder, and just above the ground respectively. She wears a high quality, but plain, black cape, fastened at the neck with a heart shaped glass brooch, and has a purple gem as an earring on her right ear. Other than those small pieces of ornamentation, she could only be called plain, cold, uninviting, which she's made an effort to become. Her smaller than average stature is sometimes hard to notice, since she has quite a lot of presence, but she is actually fairly fit, with plenty of exercise every day.

She's kept her old habits and work ethic, and rarely ever stops working in some way or another. Currently she's employed by the city at the local orphanage that recently opened as its matron, where she does all the paperwork, all of it, by herself. This hasn't changed much, since even before she rarely sleeps, and only eats enough to stay healthy. It seems she mostly lives on her nerves, and with the energy magic gives her, which is substantial. Her rigid self control almost never crack, and she can seem to be comfortable in almost every scenario, shrugging off cold, heat, spice, or pain like it's natural. She believe showing emotion, or pain, or weakness, leaves her vulnerable, and that cannot be allowed if she is going to find the power she craves.

Even if she is cold and sometimes rude, she is extremely protective of her friends, and has no problem threatening anypony who gets in her way of doing something important, like protecting them. She uses threats often, relying on her presence and boundless self confidence, and anger, to impress ponies. To this end, she always wears her short sword, a beautiful blade with a sapphire embedded in the blade. She'll never use it in anything but self defence though, as she has a deep seated belief that every pony, in the end, has the freedom to chose, and taking that freedom away is beyond monstrous.

Once she gets her power, she plans to settle down somewhere nice, maybe get a job as a magical consultant, or continue as the matron of the orphanage if that is an option. She hopes to take up blacksmithing as a hobby, but has no grand goals. Her only ambition is power, and it will be fulfilled or she will die trying.