We may have swashbuckling high-adventure and we may have spine-tingling drama, but we're not a gritty MUSH. Our rating is a flat PG-13, no higher. What this means is while there's more room for danger, drama, and injury than there is on the show, it cannot have the gore and trauma of a rated-R flick. Injury and trauma should be roleplayed vaguely and without intricate details. There can be mention of blood, without describing a never-ending font of it.

While there's room for trials and suffering in a PG-13 environment, we emphasize that these are character building tools and obstacles to be overcome, not ends in and of themselves. Of course, scene rating can always, and should frequently, be lower than PG-13, but it can never be higher. Please roleplay accordingly.

Of course, as a corollary to that, it should be clear: there is NO SEX on this MUSH. That's what a tasteful fade-to-black is for, if the topic does come up. If players are caught TSing ('tiny-sex'ing, or roleplaying sex) on the MUSH, we will take harsh disciplinary action. Repeated incidents will lead to a straight-up ban.

Also, keep in mind that My Little Pony is a cartoon, which means the rules of Funny Physics apply. Things that are lethal in our world are not necessarily so in this one, so long as it's for a light-hearted reason. Just because you were flung out a window doesn't mean you need to go to the hospital with broken bones. You can feel free to deal with lethal events without necessarily incurring lethal consequences, so long as it's for effect, and not for skipping out on consequences on your character (ICA=ICC still applies).