For the time being, we are restricting races simply to what has been seen on MLP:FiM. As the show continues, our world will continue to grow as the wizards and staff see fit. Until further notice, however, there will be no humans, no flutter-ponies, and so on; no anthro-ponies, either.

We do NOT and WILL NOT allow alicorns on the game. This is a low-powered game, with low-powered characters, and we want to keep the playing field even for all.

We allow zebras and griffons because of their involvement in the show, and because we find the way they fit into the world fascinating. As for seaponies, Lauren Faust had originally planned for there to be a seapony episode but for whatever reason, Hasbro declined her idea. Since we live on the harbor, we thought it appropriate to allow seaponies — but in order to allow for RP, our seaponies are like selkies, who can turn into sleek land ponies.

Few landlubbers even know the seaponies exist; fewer still know they can do this. It's more an old mare's tale akin to the Mare in the Moon. For more information, see the link below.

Batponies are a new addition as the result of a plot in fall of 2013. They largely live in the Bric-a-Brac Caverns in the White Saddles but have come out to explore the harbor.

As for other races — like Changelings and Dragons —we will not be implementing them at this time. By keeping our race list short, we can keep our policies looser and be less strict with our wizardly attention. If you really feel you must app one, please see our exotic race policy.

Earth Ponies - Sturdy ponies with a deep connection to the world around them
Unicorns - A race of single-horned ponies with finesse and overt magic.
Pegasi - Winged ponies who can work with weather and atmospheric magic.
Zebras - A striped race with magic that works with the earth and stars.
Griffons - Feathered predators who dedicate their lives to guilds.
Seaponies - Aquatic ponies who can shed their fins to walk on land.
Batponies - Bat-winged ponies who eat fruit and cave mold.