Quintessent Rune
Name: Quintessent Rune
Race: Seapony
Cutie-Mark: Golden odal rune on black.
Talents: Artifice
Weaknesses: Aloofness
Quintessent Rune stands out amongst most of the ponies of the Harbour due to her slight stature and demure build. No doubt in part due to her young age, only now starting to approach the point in life where she might soon be considered a true adult. It might also be because the dark blue mare with her black mane is not a proper earth pony as she presents herself most of the time, but rather an seapony temporarily assuming the guise; trading a sinuous tail and midnight black fins for a pair of rear legs and a well groomed tail of hairs.
It is clear to see that appearance is important in the neatly groomed tail and mane; cut relatively short and falling across her face, long bangs completing the style, as well as the careful movement and the poise which which she holds herself. Her flanks - in both forms - are adorned with a deep splotch of dark blue, darker than her coat, adorned with a single gilded odal rune, the same colour as her eyes. Likewise the long scarf a few shades bluer than her coat seems decorated with a golden symbol, though it’s not Quintessents mark; the symbol is a golden trident upon a inky whirlpool.
Player: Sodium-Fizz

Quintessent Rune - Born Lady Quintessent, Heir Apparent of House Rune - have an illustrious family history stretching back a good six centuries to the backwaters province of Blackfathom Reach, where the family have it’s most notable holdings still to this day. Enough so for the Runes to be acknowledged as a minor noble family of note, which rather reflect in Quintessent’s manner of speech and the practiced grace of her movement. And her aloof expression.
Good standing, valor and the Rune’s trademark artifice have been the core of the family, though unlike the last few generations Quintessent finds herself valuing the last above the others. Forsaking the social functions and shows of bravery and martial prowess have put some stress of her relations with her family - to the point of her breaking connections with them to move to the Harbour - though have also produced the first significant advancements in the family’s understanding of the art that won them their position to begin with.
While an accomplished enough artificer in most fields, Quintessent favours golemancy above all others as is seen in her companion the Servant.