----- > The Chargen Sphere - Customs <------------------------------

Welcome to Horseshoe Harbor! Before you can go out into the great wide world you need to complete a small form with information about yourself.

+sex/set <sex> - Your gender. Accepts male, female or other.
+age/set <value> - Your age in years.
+birthday/set <season> <day> - Your character's birthday in the Celestian calendar. If you do not have a special date in mind you can +gaze to have one assigned.
+alignment/set <alignment> - A short description of your morality. This can be as tradtional as 'Lawful Good', as straightforward as 'Born Troublemaker' or as silly as 'Goody-Four-Shoes'.
+talent/set <talent> - The skill that earned you your cutie mark.
+flaw/set <flaw> - The part of your personality that gives you the most trouble.
+cutiemark/set <cutie mark> - The mark on your flank that represents who you are.
+profile/set <profile> - Information about you that you think other ponies should know.
@desc me=<long description> - Your detailed physical description.
+shortdesc/set <short description> - Your one sentence physical description.
+remail - An email game staff can contact you with. Please ensure you use the same address on all of your characters.
+from <source> - How you found Horseshoe Harbor.
@alias me=<alias> - A shortened version of your name other players can use when trying to page you or look at your profile.

If you wish to set custom fields in your +finger you can read +help finger for more information. When you have completed chargen you may type +apply submit your app for approval.

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