Beautiful on the outside - rotten on the inside.

Queen-Pegasus - The black-hearted pirate with the prettiest crew on the high-seas. Her beauty may be only skin-deep; but she's ruthless to the core.

Puppies, kittens, and children? - Fine fish bait if you ask her.
Think that mare is prettier? - She'll ask your opinion after Mister Knifey has a say.

Don't bother looking for any redeeming qualities beyond her marvelous coat, luxurious mane, and dazzling eyes - there simply aren't any.

Name: Queen-Pegasus
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Gold Mirror
Talents: Grooming
Weaknesses: Vanity
Elegant exquisiteness. A tall, slender mare of pink with undeniably perfect proportions. A gold gem encrusted tiara rests atop of her perfect mane of blue; the shoulder-length tresses of sky blue thick and silky smooth. An air of haughty refinement about her: nose up-turned and soft-blue eye casting a disapproving gaze at others her other eye concealed behind a black heart-shaped eye-patch. The mare perpetually squired by her first mate and weapons master: Heart-Throb and Tough-Love respectively.
Player: Ruby-Blossom