Puzzle Plate
Name: Puzzle Plate
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: Orange Puzzle Piece
Talents: Problem/Mystery Solving
Weaknesses: Has trouble using magic
Hailing from Manehattan, Puzzle Plate is a lime-green Unicorn Stallion with Dark green and blue hair, his mane is a bit un-kept and he is a little skinny and a bit lanky compared to other colts his young adult age but other than that he is a model of health. Puzzle comes from the Plate family, the Plate family are mostly are chefs, waiters and maids/butlers, however, Puzzle Plate is the black sheep of the family he likes to solve problems and mysteries and he is really good at it. Unlike the rest of his family he has trouble using magic, for instance, he has trouble keeping objects balanced when levitating them, also he doesn't know the teleport spell but if he is frightened he will sometimes blink to a random location nearby. Puzzle Plate is also very outgoing and helpful and he will stop at nothing until a problem is resolved