Puddle Jumpin!
IC date: DATE
OOC date 1/10/13
PCs: Swift-Wind, Dream-Daze, Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana
GM: None

Warm rains, harsh winds, lightning crackling across the skies, the weather is
pure /awful/ these days.

That doesn't mean foals aren't wont to go run amuck. Heck, bad weather is best
for frolicking in! Thus it is that a certain mute little unicorn is out and
about, wrapped in a raincoat and splashing in every single puddle she can get
her hooves in. It's like checkers. Sorta. She's made a game out of hopping
from puddle, to puddle, to puddle, until she gets…stuck. The nearest puddle
is too far to jump to!

Swiftie dodges this way and that chasing the wind, litterally as she
tows behind her a small blue diamond kite. It tugs at her defiantly as she
charges down the street, but then there's another foal there, "Oh Hey
Puddle-dancer!" she shouts out to the other foal and she giggles!

Lavender stands more centrally in the square and just faces into the wind, eyes
mostly closed, letting the heavy breeze whip her short mane and tail around
and the rain soak her. She grins into it, though is gradually becoming aware
of other fillies.

Sadaka is perhaps one of the few foals /not/ so pleased with the terrible
weather. Mostly because it means puddles. Some of them /deep/ puddles. She
doesn't mind splashing her hooves in the little ones, but some of these are
not-so-little! It makes just walking down the street something of an endeavor,
weaving this way and that, jumping over pooled water, trying to choose between
water puddles on the path and /mud/ puddles off of it (she's looking a little
muddy!)… blurgh. Not to even begin to mention how hard this sort of weather
is for a beginner flyer! She tromps her way towards the town square
determinedly anyway, however. Goin' that-away, and no puddles are gonna stop

Dreamy crouches, eyeing her next puddle. Squinting. Tail flicking, wiggling in
nigh feline style, prepared to pounce, when AUGH! A surprise voice! The
unicorn jumps straight up a full couple feet, coming back down with a splash
in her puddle! Eep! She stares, wide-eyed, as the kite-flying foal charges by,
her momentary daze fading with a smile and a wave of her hoof in likewise

And then there's Lav! And a Sadaka too! Dreamy grins, noting Lavender's
expression in the storm, and at Sadaka's apparent 'dodge the puddles' game.
Totally opposite of her game! Obviously this means they should play together.
So Dreamy goes about puddle-jumping back the way she came, aiming her jumps at
puddles closer to other foals~

Swift-Wind Ooh ooh's and pauses kite still attached to her saddlebags, as it
bobs in the stiff wind, there are /other/ fillies her age more or less, in
that order too. A painted pony even! "HiHi, and Hi!" she shouts out to the
three, not sure who's who here, she rolls over unfastens her kite and reels it
back in all while standing in a nice fat puddle, whoop de do, puddle, big
deal! (unless she was going for the next electropony)

Lavender laughs as a puddle splashes her, and goes after to chase Dreamy. "Hey!
You's splashing ponies!" She joins in and leaps for a big puddle to splash
Dreamy back with…and winds up in Swift Wind's puddle, sending water just
plain everywhere.

"Wheeeeen I was a foal in a fishing town, my papa said to me, You can spend your
life, your jolly life sailing on the seeeea!" A voice is coming over the hill,
hard to hear through the storm. "You can search the world for pretty mares til
your eyes grow weak and dim! But you don't go fishin' for a mermare, son, if
you don't know how to swim!!"

Suddenly chased! Dream Daze flails as Lav splashes the BIG puddle, tipping over
in the ensuing wall of water! (Okay, so it wasn't a /wall/, as much as just
more wet, but still!) She sprawls out on her back in another puddle, pawing at
the falling rain like 'heeeelp I'm drowning ahhhhh'. Never-mind that there
isn't any actual depth to this puddle.

Then she hears something! Song! The little mute unicorn sits up in her puddle,
ears perked, pointed towards the source. Somewhere. Over the hill and through
the rain. Faint on the wind but familiar nonetheless~

Swift-Wind is splashed by Lav, and almost plows into Dream-Daze as she startles,
"Oh Hey Ooh my kite's wet now" she mumbles as she reels it in and drips it
some, then unfolds it and tucks it away in her saddlebags. She then flings her
saddlebags aside easily, She ducks back some and jumps to sprawl into the
puddles between the other two fillies, that of Dreamy and Lav both.


Lavender laughs, "I'm sorry, I just—Aie!" She rears up and play-topples back,
and pantomimes being washed away by the roaring wave of puddle water. It's
worth playing out for a few feet at least, 'til she flops to her back and
perks her ears. "Singing!"

AAAAAH SPLASH SCATTER GOGOGO! Sadaka squeaks and springs away from the incoming
'wave'. Right into another puddle! It's up to her knees. It's mostly mud. She
still yelps and /leaps/ out of it, landing straight-legged and dripping back
on the path. WAT.

/That/ crisis past, though, she blinks, and looks around to spot the source of
the sudden startling splashing. "Oh! …Hi."

"Cause her mane was green as seaweed and her coat was blue and pale! I loved
that mare with all my heart, but I only liked the upper part — I did not like
the tail!" A certain blue-maned zebra filly trots, completely storm-sodden,
closer to the group, bellowing her song at the top of her lungs. "So I signed
aboard of a crabbing ship, and my very first day at sea — there I spied in
the waves, reaching out for me, 'Come live with me in the sea,' said she,
'down on the ocean floor! And I'll show you many's a wondrous thing that
you've never seen before.' So over I jumped, and she pulled me down, down to
her seaweed bed. A pillow made of tortoise-shell she placed beneath my head.
She fed me kelp and ocean oats upon a silver dish. From her head to her waist
was just to my taste … but the rest of her was a fish!"

Dreamy scrambles up to her hooves, bouncing in her puddle! Singing! An odd song,
but a funny one! Her game forgotten for the moment, the little unicorn bounces
along and play-tackles Swift for her most glorious splash, over to Lav to give
her a quick flank-check, and up to Sadaka to greet yet another friend with
grins and /soaked/ hugs, only to start bouncing off to the newest arrival,
ending up falling in step next to Siyana, with her mouth open, pretending like
she's the one bellowing out that song. Oh if she could only sing!

Swift-Wind perks up to singing, still splashing, she looks over to Sadaka,
"Painted Pony, Ooh and MUDDY Too" then she's tackled by Dreamy with a
*SQUEAK* she rolls in the water, then gets up and charges at Sadaka's MUD
puddle, and plunges into it headfirst, hoping for a megahugesupersplash!

Lavender's eyes widen. Siyana…It's Siyana! She gets just this /huge/ 'squee'
look on her face and then—briefly stumbling as she's bounced by Dreamy,
shakes herself off in the rain. She romps up and spots Sadaka, runs a couple
excited loops around her, then dashes over to Siyana before the mud-cannonball
can catch her. She opens her mouth to speak, but shan't interrupt the song,
and instead just bounces.

Sadaka giggles a bit at Lavender's scampering, and returns Dreamy's hug - if
somewhat sheepishly. The sudden splash behind her makes her jump, though. At
least it'd be hard to get much muddier! She gives herself a shake, which does
absolutely no good but to fling muddy drips /everywhere/. So maybe it adds to
the splash!

Siyana blinks and pauses as she finds herself flanked by Dreamy and Lavender,
and she grins and brightens. She looks out, and spies Sadaka and an unfamiliar
foal besides, and picks up speed! "Eeeee!! Then— Then one day she swam away,
so I sang to the clams and the whales, 'Oh how I miss her sea-green mane and
the silvery shine of her scales!' Then her sister, she swam by and set my
heart on course: from her head to her waist was an ugly fish but the rest of
her was a horse! Caaaause her hair was green as seaweed, her hair was blue and
pale! I loved that girl with all my heart— I did not like the upper part, but
that's the last of my tale! HI GUYS!!!"

Dreamy bounces! Hi! And now the gang's all here. Plus one. In all the
excitement, Dreamy totally forgot about silly things like introductions! So
she breaks away from Siyana to bounce up and beam at Swift, plucking up her
(now muddy) nametag by way of greeting!

THE MUD MONSTERPONY emerges from the mud puddle, and just stands there dripping,
she rarrh's cutely and then stops and looks at the nametag, reaches out a hoof
and wipes it clear-ish "Oh Hi Dream-Daze, I'm Swift-Wind, Ya can call me
Swiftie though, ponies only call me Swift-Wind if I'm like in trouble" she
laughs and drips some, turning to see a regular heard-o-fillies here she's
just amazed and bounces in place *slorp* then she just kinda picks up one hoof
and makes this tiny little *Ewwww* noise and giggles

Lavender lays down beside Siyana. "You sing really amazing! It's better every
time I hear it! You really got the best talent ever." Honest smile on her
face. "Hi there Swiftie!" she calls back. "Hey Sadaka! How's your special
talent stuff going?"

Sadaka blinks and chuckles faintly, perking her ears. "Oh, it… it's going. Hi,
Siyana." She gives a little wave with one muddy hoof. "You really /do/ sing

Siyana blinks, and blushes. "Oh, um, thanks," she says, rubbing the back of her
head. "Ain't never done it a whole lot when I was growing up. I mean, I /did/,
but it was never, uhhh. I never got lessons. So I'm practicing now, I guess."
She trots over to Sadaka, her fellow zebra, and pokes around her. "But I bet
it's way different for you, learning how to fly, huh?" Of course, she does
pause to lean over and wave to the newcomer. "Hiya Swiftie! I'm Siyana."

Dreamy nods her agreement. Even if it was loud and shouted at the top of her
lungs, Siyana's a pretty singer. She salutes Swift, too, then goes about
bouncing a circle around the gathered fillies, sharing in the general
excitement of the moment.

Swift-Wind slurks out of the mudpuddle and waves to Siyana, "heya Siyana, there
sure are alot of painted ponies in this town" the filly offers with a little
confusion as she wanders up to the rest of them looking both zebras up and
down with some curiosity, "Oh Ooh, you're Zebra's Right Right?" she asks
curiously, "never much seen a zebra, well now" she hurrms then in the midst of
everypony, she SHAKES out her mane and tail "It was nice singing even!

Lavender giggles and scootches up towards Dreamy. "I'm sorry I haven't been
around and stuff…I know I say that every time! But my family and
everything…Aw, but you /know/ I'm going to go along on this trip no matter
what it takes!"

Dreamy grins at Lav, bouncing higher! Only to come down and crouch next to her
soaked friend, her head bobbing. Oh yeah, adventure~ Her horn glows, the
little unicorn sending out a little image of the whole Foal Brigade going down
to a Sea Pony Village, and just /hugging/ everybody until the whirlpool stops.
That's how they're going to win, darnitall!

Siyana blinks, at the image. "I was just kiddin' about the song; I'm not
interested in mermares!" she blushes.

Sadaka blinks and flattens her ears. "…What's this now? You want to go
/where/?" There's going out on a boat, and then there's… whatever /that/
looked like. She didn't like the look of /that/.

Swift-Wind blinkblinkblinks and looks around stuff in head She's practically
wide eyed, and so not used to that she looks to everyone else "Who said that"
he meekly squeaks looking from pony to pony to pony looking very startled

Siyana points to Dreamy's butt. Cutie mark!

Lavender gives Siyana a half confused look. The song did not entirely sink in to
her, but such a response still isn't /that/ strange, so nothing comes of it.
"There's seaponies… And I'm going to point a sword at them until they fix
what they did to our harbor!" Of course, Dreamy is completely normal to her by
now and she thinks nothing of Swift's confusion!

Dreamy blinks and peeks back at her butt when it's pointed at! Then she perks
her ears up and gets all wide-eyed! She immediately gets up, and hugs Swift
all apologetically, backing up a couple steps to point at her horn, and point
at the other filly's head, and…then send another little image of Dreamy Daze
bowing her head in apology. She's sorry for the sudden image! So sorry!

Swift-Wind looks to Siyana then tips her head to look at Dreamy. The look is
when a dog looks confused, yes that look. Looks to Dreamy's cutie mark, looks to the name tag and Oooooooooh's some, "Thats JUST COOL!" she practically squee's then, hugs back and thinks real hard, a look of concentration marks her face, /THINK, THINK HARD/ (its ok!) She hugs the unicorn, "Its all good, just confuzzled me thats all)

Dreamy blinks, and stares at Swift. See, she can't actually read thoughts. She
just sends daydreams. And sometimes dives into other ponies dreams. So when Swift thinks /really hard/ at her, all she can do is look at her friends with
a 'what is she doing?' sort of expression. And then back at Swift. Until she
forms a little foggy question mark over her head. That's a new trick~

Swift-Wind just giggles, "thought you might be able to read what I was thinking
too" she shrugs, "guess its just one way" she pouts a little, and bonks her
hornless noggin, "no radio tower up here" she comments with a little pout

Siyana rubs her head a little. "But seriously, I'm not into hugging mermares,
even if they /were/ real. But, er, thanks for the offer." Blink. She looks at
Sadaka. "Painted ponies? Is that us?"

Lavender shrugs, "We are muddy! So that's something!"

Dreamy gives Swift a pat. It's okay! Then she goes back to her excited hops from earlier, until she processes what Siyana said. She stops, and blinks at the
singing zebra, then sends her a little mental vision of Thunnini! The Harbor's
very own seapony foal! Surely she's seen her around, in her go-kart, and
everything? Surely? Maybe?

Sadaka blinks and looks down at herself. "Oh, it's not paint, it's…" Lav beats
her to it. "…Yeah that." Ahem. She gives herself another shake - this one
slightly more effective, as rain has loosened /some/ of the mud. That's, of
course, if you count 'effective' as 'splattering mud absolutely everywhere'.
Because that's about all it does.

Swift-Wind looks from Sadaka to Siyana, "oh , no you two are painted ponies,
with cool manes and stripes, oh so many stripes, makes my eyes go all
wild-eyed" she grins, "I'd love to have a mane like that, and stripes, where'd
ya get em done, at is there like like like a fancy salon and with ponies all
doing all the painting, Where do you go, Where do you go?

Sadaka tilts her head. Even in the rain, her mane is still keeping its shape!
"…Papa Blackbird says my stripes give me character," she states blankly
after a moment.

Lavender looks over, "I think they look really pretty. Your stripes are
neat…yours too, Siyana! Not that I don't like my color way more, though."
Sticks her tongue out.

Siyana blinks again, too. "I was born with 'em. Though, my hair isn't all that
striped, so…" She runs a hoof through her many braids as she blinks a little
more. "Painted ponies. Ain't never heard that one before."

Swift-Wind smiles to Sadaka, "its ok I like em both, they're cool like that" she
offers softly looking to Siyana, "neat color with the mane braids too" the
muddy-foal murps

Dreamy grins as talk goes to painted ponies, until her eyes catch sight of a
clock somewhere. Through a window maybe. With a sudden stomp, and a quick hug to her friends, she gallops off down the street, leaving behind a single mental image of Dreamy snuggled up in a bed. Dreaming, no less!

Swift-Wind squeaks and sees the dreamtime, looks about looking for clocks, then squeaks, ohno's "Ma's gonna keelhaul me!" she squeaks and bolts
Swift-Wind waves as she departs for the outskirts, "Later!"