Welcome to PonyMUSH! Hopefully, this page will be able to help you get connected and ready to roleplay in Horseshoe Harbor!

First stop…

Recommended Programs


MUSHclient.png MUSHclient Go to File → New World
Type in to the TCP/IP Address Field
Type in 3080 into the Port Number field
Click OK
SimpleMU.png SimpleMU File → New Connection Wizard…
Enter for site address, then click Next.
Enter 3080 for port number, then click Next.
Ensure MUSH, MUX or MOO is selected, then click Next.
Enter PonyMUSH for new site name, or anything else, then click Next.


Atlantis.png Atlantis Go to Address Book
Press the + button in the address list for a new connection.
Type in to the Hostname Field
Type in 3080 into the Port field
Click OK


tt++ tintin++ Instructions are found here.

Once you've connected, either create your new name or log into a guest bit using the instructions on the screen.

If you have never MUSHed before, hie thee over to MUSHing 101 for explanations of commands and roleplay!


  • Roleplay goes in turns. Wait until at least the majority of people have posed before going again.
  • Write a paragraph per pose, or more if you want. It doesn't have to be a big paragraph, but it can be kind of a bummer to RP with someone who just says Butterhooves nods. all the time.
  • Be polite to people on the game, or you're going to get your butt kicked.
  • Don't spoof other people using \ or @emit. That's not nice.
  • Want RP? Ask for it! RP does not happen incidentally here. Usually inquiring in the lounge or specifically asking specific ponies work the best. Alternately, ask folks in existing scenes if you can join.
    • Please don't just teleport in and expect to be able to join. It's rude. Ask first via pages!
  • If you're not in a scene, and not waiting for specific people to join you for a scene, please do not idle on the grid! It discourages folks from using those rooms. Also, please remember that we have a +sweep command for exactly this reason!
  • For more in-depth rules, see our policies.

Setting Overview

Horseshoe Harbor:
Horseshoe Harbor is a relatively young pony settlement, and not just because of how often it's on fire! (It's been ages. Last Thursday even. Whole weekend without a lick of flame. Downright sleepy lately.) The Harbor is frequented by a wide variety of ships, although it seems the respectable kind is a lot less common than the sort with a few trunks in the hold that ~probably~ shouldn't be there. There's a bit of farming, but most of the economy is supported by trade with exotic, far-away lands with more relaxed laws concerning poaching, distilling, etc.

Unlike Ponyville, Horseshoe Harbor has never been visited in person by Princess Celestia — aside from the annual visitation on the Day of Flowers, which is kept extremely and necessarily brief — and has extremely limited oversight even from the lower ranks of the Guard. If Horseshoe Harbor WERE to have an official visit by Princess Celestia, it has been calculated that roughly a third of the population would immediately go into hiding, including the mayor.

Zebras and Griffons:
In Friendship is Magic, Zecora is a lone Zebra from a far-flung and mysterious place. Horseshoe Harbor is close enough to said mysterious place, known as Zebreka — and specifically, the metropolis Numnah — that it is frequently visited by traders from it. Many of these traders have settled down to become semi-permanent residents of the town, and there's no shortage of zebra foals in the local school. Griffon traders are somewhat rarer, but still welcome in town and not an uncommon sight. Naturally, more than a few of these trading vessels smuggle less-than-legal goods into Equestria from these faraway lands. We have our own flavor for both zebras and griffons so be sure to read up on them!

Sea Ponies:
Sea Ponies are a fully playable race on PonyMUSH, although to easily interact with the land-dwelling ponies of Horseshoe Harbor, they have the ability to shapeshift into normal ponies. Few of the characters in Horseshoe Harbor will know of their existence, and even fewer will know that they walk among them!

The Law:
Horseshoe Harbor is not entirely lawless. There's a small group of ponies that form the Harbor Watch. They are locally vetted, and are entrusted with the safety of the town. Sunshine-Stormcloud is currently the head of the Watch, and they are, in general, pretty effective.

Drinking and gambling and watching the town burn down are not the only pastimes in Horseshoe Harbor! Traveling musicians and playwrights pass through town on a regular basis to entertain the locals for bits, seasonal celebrations are always a blast, the many foals in town get in trouble constantly, and all kinds of supernatural happenstance keep the town on its toes. Uh, hooves.

For more information, see Setting.