Plots And Episodes
the-ghost A haunted home in the foothills! 3 logs
magic-and-curses A mysterious pegasus shows up in Horseshoe Harbor, ponies are getting sick, and weather is going haywire. What could this possibly mean? 10 logs
wayward-wishes A strange creature has shown up in town, promising to grant wishes for a price. Who will have their heart's content? 4 logs
the-syndicolt conflict or something (insert better description here) 15 logs
maddie-s-revenge (insert description here) 14 logs
faux-pas-fortune (insert description here) 5? logs
midsummer-mayhem Midsummer Bash begins with a speech from Mayor Lorelei! But Princess Shiroyuki-Hanako's presence nearly steals the show 1? log
adventure Dustdevil and Sodium-Fizz set out for an expedition into the Everfree Forest 3 logs
the-winter-nightmare Harbor ponies get teleported to an alternate dimension 89 logs
black-heart (insert description here) 22? logs
More to Come More plots and logs coming soon Infinite logs

Listen up here friends, please add your big plots, events and episodes here, have fun everypony!