Applejack says "Question for y'all. On the topic of 'big plots'. What are your feelings about 'big plots' in general, and what do you feel are the biggest problems with them? If you got a moment to answer that."
Applejack takes a moment to go fetch a snack while that question's hanging there~
Nocturne says "Personally I'm just not used to them, this being my first RP."
You say "I've only really had experience with the big Winter nightmare plot, and starting to get into the current "black Heart" plot (which I must say Winny is doing really well at) Biggest problems with them, hmm (AU plot, the trapped feeling, which is understandable given the circumstances, but made good use of having multiple characters/alts, the challenge to that circumstance is we had the bulk of the experineced players over in the AU and a bunch of newer players getting less scene time over around the harbor scene, and all having interaction with other newer players. It didn't balance out well for that campaign, and may have discouraged some players. It did me at the time when I tried to maintain anything consistant for harborside RP at the time."
Jellybean says "Solar's got a good point, but for me, honestly, my big problem is that all of them so far have felt like breaks from theme to one or another extent, and extended ones, at that."
You say "I saw the reason for the bias regarding that plot, since the bulk of the experienced players were AU, the newbies didn't really know how to proceed, nor have a feel for direction whereas in the AU, I relied upon the more experienced players to help guide my own actions."
Ginger-Spice says "Well… I rather like the idea of big plots conceptualy - something big and adventerous are going on and everything. It's bombastic and fun. Though I have to wounder a bit if they might not be a bit to big at times, there are a lot of ponies involved in any one scene and it makes everything take a lot of time which can be a bit of a pain - still it wouldn't be right to limit participation I supose. At times I wounder if they might just be to big in general, it's grand adventure to foreign locales. It kinda detracts from the RP pool in the Harbour itself and is kinda tangental at times."

"I guess I they're just a wee bit to focused, maybe? I'd really like to see, not really mega plots, but… large plot archs? As well as much smaller plots too, quick and fun that advances the overarching story of the Harbour and the characters… Something like that, I've never been good at formulating what goes on in my head. Also, I'm just grumpy over the fact I rarely manage to get along with them. But that's kind of an problem of mine and my time-zone."
Applejack nods to all three points.
Solar-Wind nods a little to Jellybean, "There are plusses and minusses (gah can't spell today. ever really) In some lights there's got to be surprises to break the mold/theme some in a regard otherwize stagnation occours, and when that happens, things go downhill fast.
Jellybean says "Yeah. I think massive events are hard to pull off on a MUSH level, because even if the staff are prepped to handle it logistically the players aren't necessarily."
Jellybean says "Also, I know I've said this before but I would seriously love it if there could be no more plots for at least four or even six months that threaten to destroy the town. It went from 'running joke' to 'I can't bring myself to care.'"
Solar-Wind heh heh heh's, "no more fire, just for awhile, I know thats the going theme, but… I have to agree with Jelly on that one.
Ginger-Spice have been trying to pull small-scale zany adventure stuff lately. "They… seem… Actualy, I have no idea if they're appreciated or not, or just a scene going on to join or what."
Nocturne says "They're more fun to tag asking with, being less intimidating."
Nocturne says "along with"
Solar-Wind likes the mini-scenes that Spice has been running, they are a break from the mold, and throw in some unpredictability into the mix, and the reprocussions aren't quite so dreaded or dangerous necessarily.
Applejack nods again, chintaps.
Jellybean says "Yeah. It's what I was going for with the Defoaliant plot: smaller stakes and more of an episodic feel."
You say "Don't get me wrong, even if the Winternightmare led us all astray from the ponyworld norms, I deeply enjoyed that plot, it really brought out some creativity and I look forward to its future."
Ginger-Spice says "Yeah, the Winter Nightmare was plenty of fun. But I do agree that 'end of the world' every week kinda feels a bit quiant at times. Still, there's a place both for the big stuff and the small, episodic feeling ones."
Ginger-Spice will keep up doing her small stuff and see if people likes it. If so, maybe she'll sign up for being a seasonal helper for spring.
Applejack grins.
Solar-Wind would vote for spice on that one,
Applejack says "So about theme. What do y'all see as being the 'theme' here?"
Jellybean says "I realize we've been throwing that word around but it's a term that can cover a lot of ground."
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Applejack says "Morning Boss."
Bosstone says "Morning."
You say "the coastal pirate/ no no, its a privateer village is a great setting, but as for theme, end of the world just shouldn't be it. Really AJ thats a challenge right there. Seeing a theme for the future."
Ginger-Spice says "That… is a much harder question. I don't think there's any reall clear ground on that… In general I supose Magical Cartoon Pony say a lot of it… though I know some people like me like to go in a bit in the depressed side of things too. Really though, it should be possible for a wide range of things - though I supose what deviates from Magical Cartoon Pony realy should be advertized."
Applejack says "Let's simplify it then. In terms of 'theme', what should the general idea be? As in, what do you look forward to seeing when you play here? What do you come here for?"
Ginger-Spice says "Friendship!"
You say "right now I see work to be done towards rebuilding with some permanance, some expansion efforts, trading/leagal or otherwize, perhaps some interaction with the outside world like that of surrounding villages, heck even some interaction with the capital/canterlot or that gambit. Hmm, well in many regards I've gotten very much a sense of family and heaven for bid, 'the magic of friendship' (shudder)"
Jellybean says "I find myself most comfortable with the MUSH when it stays close to the theme of the series. I mean, we're building a community here, both in and out of character."
Ginger-Spice says "No, really. That's like the bigest thing, I have huge amounts of fun just hanging around other ponies and taking part in their personal stories - or just doing stuff in general and having fun. On the side of plots, though… I agree with Jellybean, the whole "building a community" thing is awsome, and I'd rather like to see more series-oriented content going down."
Bosstone says "Bunk that."
You say "Community development, though there we go again, with the other side of that, when someone threatens the building of community, there becomes a plot in and of itself"
Bosstone likes the OC-centric aspect of this place. Not that he should be talking, really.
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Ginger-Spice says "Though with that said, I still enjoy the chance for Soda to go all depressed. I still like the chance to do something out-of-theme as long as it is contained as a fairly out-of-theme thing."
Ginger-Spice says "Phone, a moment."
Applejack says "Morning Flutters~"
Fluttershy yawns and waves. "How are you feeling, AJ?"
Jellybean says "I definitely agree that the fact that this is a wholly original setting within the milieu is a big part of the draw for me. It means we can actually make things here. It was silly but I actually adored Forgeting Day."
Applejack says "Completely doped up, and I can't feel my nose. But I'm home and working so that's a plus~"
Fluttershy giggles.
Fluttershy hugs AJ <3
Fluttershy says "Yeah, this place is meant to be shaped by its players."
Fluttershy says "Always has been."
Jellybean hugs Fluttershy. Feeds pie.
You say "the OC centric thing is key here, but there should also be foray's into the vast unknown, the spice of adventure is out there, not stifled here in the town, regardless of the building of community feelings. Adventure is out there, in here is just stagnation"
Fluttershy omnom pie :I
Applejack says "All are valid points."
Fluttershy says "There should be plenty of chance for adventure within town, too."
Fluttershy came in halfway through this conversation though so. What are we talking about? XD
Solar-Wind though thats just my sense of adventure and my Daring-Do talking
Applejack fluffs Jelly. "So. When you say something goes 'against theme', what are you referring to exactly? I'm getting as many opinions as I can for future thoughts~
Applejack says "I asked'em what they thought of big plots. And theme."
Fluttershy says "Ohhhhhh"
Fluttershy sits down with cocoa and listens.
Applejack is generating public opinion to think about~
You say "AJ posed the question of : "Question for y'all. On the topic of 'big plots'. What are your feelings about 'big plots' in general, and what do you feel are the biggest problems with them? If you got a moment to answer that.""
You say "And we've deviated from that original theme"

[Discussion] Muzaji says, "So what's this question now?"
[Discussion] Applejack says, "I am gathering player opinion!"
[Discussion] Holy Carp, it's Crescent stares at AJ.
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "of?"
[Discussion] Applejack says, "I am deeply curious what you all think about big story plots. Like, dislike, reasons…"
[Discussion] Holy Carp, it's Crescent says, "Define "big""
[Discussion] Applejack says, "Big meaning one that lasts longer than a week for many ponies."
[Discussion] Muzaji simply points at Spindrift's ongoing arc. "That's how you do an extended plot well."
[Discussion] Applejack says, "I'm also curious about your opinions about theme here, and things you'd like to see in the future."
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[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "I quite like them, form what I cna tell the black ehart is being done absolutely fanatstically. Only problem I have is just like, the overwhelming doom and gloom which seems to permeate the harbour sometimes. I like them well enough, and getting involved is fun (even if my involvement is minimal)."
[Discussion] Angel-Bunny will agree with that, and is working on it, RC.
[Discussion] Holy Carp, it's Crescent says, "I don't have a problem with the larger plots. They usually run in the evening, and I generally work mornings, so I can for the most part be around for them."
[Discussion] Angel-Bunny says, "I have a few small plots in mind that will be less 'doom-and-gloom' overall and more 'small disasters and slice-of-life friendship stuff', and I'm trying to think up some fun non-disastery plots."
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "I have a lot of fun, most fo the time. But even Rising, who is admittedly mostly an antagonist is getting run a bit thin. Another thing is that big stuff that's all encompassing like the black heart makes me hesitant to do any bigger stuff with my characters."
[Discussion] Stormdancer says, "I'm kinda mixed on 'em. It's neat, getting big things going, seeing where other people want to take things, and it certainly changes things up! Downsides, if you've got something else you're working on, it can throw a wrench into it; very easy to get lost if you miss a few key bits; and on a personal side, I just find I'm a bit allergic to large scenes. Which, of course, important scenes tend to become."
[Discussion] Kludge says, "Being a part of an ongoing story is rather enjoyable. Trying to find ways to contribute to the large scenes is somewhat difficult for me, but that's not so much a plot problem as a 'augh mental circuits overloading' personal RP-related problem."
[Discussion] Applejack nods. Good points so far.
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "yeah, the whole reconstruction and a couple other things were thrown for a loop with the big plot"
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny says, "as a suggestion, AJ, something I've been considering for a while"
[Plotting] Applejack wants your opinions too AB.
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny says, "we might need some sort of player-editable… 'plans' board or something. Somewhere where players can throw in 'hey I'd like to have my character do a thing around this time', so that plotrunners can take that into consideration."
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny says, "so that we'd have notice if our plot would toss a wrench in the works, or if we might want to think of a way to work that into what we've got running."
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "I am really excited to see where the black heart goes, but I wouldn't mind a couple weeks without Harbour wide events. Just me though, I certainly love the plots around here, even foudn a way back in to the black ehart, form an unexpected angle"
[Plotting] Fluttershy ponders. Could code that up semi-easily, I think.
[Plotting] Applejack says, "Or…"
[Plotting] Applejack says, "They could use the Plots board?"
[Plotting] Applejack says, "It's not wiz/staff specific, is it?"
[Plotting] Fluttershy could also change the motd code to allow multiple people to have a short blurb going on there. Which would probably be better in the end, anyway.
[Plotting] Applejack says, "I don't think +events is locked either."
[Plotting] Fluttershy says, "Tis not. But it means that they'd be putting something in stone. :|a"
[Discussion] Reasonable Debate-Flavored Jellybean says, "I think breathing room is good: the next few plots should be smaller, if possible."
[Plotting] Fluttershy says, "Events isn't, no."
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny says, "because sometimes the players plan things that aren't really 'full plots' but are things they'd like their character to be doing, and maybe a way to let us know, as plotrunners, and players know as participants, that they have something small they'd like to do around a certain time"
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny nods. "Yeah, I'm thinking things that aren't 'set in stone'
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[Discussion] Applejack says, "Noted, and being taken into consideration."
[Discussion] Applejack says, "Any other thoughts?"
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny says, "like RC's town reconstruction. it's not really a big plot of its own, it's not something she was outright scheduling big scenes for, but it was something she wanted to have going on 'in the background'-ish for a while. it might not need its own Plots board post, but letting players (and plotrunners) know what's going on so that they can work it into things could be useful. I dunno."
[Plotting] Applejack says, "So…like a sub-plot board?"
[Plotting] Applejack says, "I dunno, I think it would've deserved a Plot post."
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "nothing springs to mind right now."
[Plotting] Applejack says, "It was good for background RP and random social scenes. We've posted 'scenario' information there before."
[Discussion] Fluttershy says, "What do you guys feel is the 'theme' of the game here, out of curiosity?"
[Discussion] Muzaji <3 this place.
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "dunno, define theme"
[Plotting] Applejack says, "But I think I see what you're saying. A place players can post what they're doing that isn't like, officially a /plot/ plot."
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "<3 this place forever"
[Plotting] Angel-Bunny says, "yeah"
[Discussion] Fluttershy ponders and isn't sure how to define her question >:|a AJ?
[Plotting] Winter-Solstice says, "How long has the conversation been going on?"
[Plotting] Applejack says, "Not long. I forgot until like…fifteen minutes ago. ._. I blame cold meds."
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[Discussion] Applejack says, "When I think 'theme' I think 'what you come here for'. Like, what do you expect from RP here when you partake?"
[Plotting] Fluttershy totally spaced too.
[Plotting] Fluttershy can get the log so far up. one sec.
[Discussion] Kludge says, "I feel like this place is a town where slice of life and adventure coincide, even when Adventure throws a noisy party that keeps Slice of Life up until four in the morning."
[Discussion] Muzaji says, "Indeed"
[Discussion] Muzaji says, "And one doesn't stop you from finding the other"
[Discussion] Angel-Bunny enjoys that description.
[Discussion] Rising-Chaos says, "I like that description, a lot"
[Discussion] Muzaji says, "THAT DESCRIPTION IS NOW CANON"