Wayward Wishes

A strange creature has shown up in town, promising to grant wishes for a price. Who will have their heart's content?

4/1 I Wanna Be... Lavender and Siyana seek out the mysterious stranger to make wishes. Manyara, Lavender, Siyana
Yar Har Fiddlydee Lavender excitedly explores her new pirate ship, only to be boarded by Captain Mwai. Captain Mwai, Lavender, Siyana
4/16 Into The Woods I Siyana's quest for a cutie mark leads her into the Wintersong Forest with Lavender and Sadaka in tow. Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana, Snowfield
4/17 Into The Woods II Guided by Snowfield, Siyana's search for a mystical flower to help her earn a cutie mark continues. Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana, Snowfield