The Syndicolt

5/16 An Offer You Can't Refuse A strange new group arrives in town with a proposition for the mayor. Mad-Mare, Salty, Jettison, Shanty
5/21 White Knight Syndrome Blackbird's semi-romantic evening with Rusty is cut short when raucous syndicolt ponies challenge him to a duel. Mad-Mare, Blackbird, Rusty-Gears
5/22 Duel Madness Blackbird, Rusty, and Mad have a duel on their ship. It ends…excitingly. Mad-Mare, Blackbird, Rusty-Gears
5/31 Piracy is the Worst Policy Lavender and the crew of the S. S. Mirage set sail to attack the blockade and get way more than they bargained for. Siyana, Mad-Mare, Sadaka, Lavender, Jellybean, Fidget, Stormsailor
6/1 Welcome to Your New Life Sadaka wakes up to find her parents have finally found her. …Yay? Sadaka, Bazi, Talhia
6/2 Revenge is Sweet Mad-Mare pays Blackbird a visit to taunt him. Mad-Mare, Blackbird
6/?? Help Blackbird collapses at Rusty's hooves for help and comfort. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears
6/?? The Belly of the Beast Blackbird and Rusty charge Mad-Mare's ship to get Sadaka back. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, Mad-Mare
6/?? All These Ponies Are Crazy Blackbird and Rusty run into Gamble and start to plot a way to get the zebras free from the Syndicolt. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, Gamble
6/?? Hoof-Wrasslin Mad and Salty test wits while a couple of colts explore the Rusty Bucket. Mad-Mare, Broccoli-Sprout, Addled-Shock, Salty
6/5 Love in the Time of Madness An empath runs into Mad-Mare and tries Very Hard to fix her. Mad-Mare, Lily-Heart
6/10 Of Mares and Fillies A Syndicolt ship has exploded! Mad Mare blames Sadaka. Mad-Mare, Sadaka
6/12 Mild-Mannered Blackbird seeks help from Snowfield and shows a side he rarely does. Blackbird, Snowfield
6/13 Sunshine in the Storm Salty takes it on herself to taunt and goad Mad-Mare until she gets violent. Mad-Mare, Salty
6/18 The Rescue Blackbird and Rusty's daring rescue plan is brought to fruition! …but not without some truly unfortunate hitches. Blackbird, Gambit, Lavender, Mad-Mare, Rusty-Gears, Sadaka, Siyana, Snowfield