The Ghost

2/18 Strange House Some ponies discover an old haunted house in the foothills. Baron von Cirrus, Mwai, Siyana, Skedaddle
3/?? Haunted Happenings The strange phenomenons at the haunted house are increasing, but clues are being uncovered. Incantation, Jellybean, Sadaka, Shooting-Star, Siyana, Stillwater
3/8 Ghost Hunting Late night wackiness leads to Siyana deputizing two pegasi as fellow ghost hunters. Jellybean, Siyana, Bedhead
7/6 A Trip Through Everfree A group of ponies on their way to Canterlot make their way through Everfree Forest. Blackbird, Sadaka, Rusty-Gears, Fidget, Gamble, Blackbird